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It was a very good day!

Yesterday was a good day. A really good day, actually. The weather was beautiful and I spent the day with family. What more could I need?

Pictures. I forgot to take a single picture…

However, my daughter made something special for me. She has a blog over at From My Classroom Window (I may have mentioned that a time or two☺)

Isn’t this awesome (daisies are my favorite…and hers)? I ♥ you, Jamie!

We also all went out to an early dinner yesterday – Jim and I, along with our kids, Jamie and Jon (we missed Brittany :(), my brother and my mother-in-law. The service was slow (restaurant was busier than they had expected to be), but the food was good and I enjoyed our time together!
My kids gave me a new thistle bird feeder and a lovely spa/pedicure kit which I love! And my son came over before we were leaving to go to dinner and brought a cake with him. He didn’t make it, but he did pick it up at the store (impressive) and he wrote “Happy M-Day” (funny and impressive, especially if you know my son!) The “M-Day” were written in blue frosting. Those were the two pieces that my brother and I got. My brother started laughing at me because my lips and tongue had turned a lovely shade of blue…until I started laughing at him because his lips and tongue were also a lovely shade of blue. For a very long time!

And there are definitely no pictures of that! ☺


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