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I love the movie Dr. Zhivago. My mother’s family was from Russia. My grandmother’s parents came from Russia. My mom’s Russian heritage was very important to her. She loved to read about Russian history.

I love Dr. Zhivago because, well, the scenery is breathtaking…Russia in the winter. Mostly I love Dr. Zhivago because it reminds me of my mom…

Lara’s Theme. One of the most beautiful songs. Ever…

In my youtube research, I discovered that there was another, newer Dr. Zhivago movie. How did I not know this? Do I want to see it? Who could replace the original cast?

And this concludes the A – Z Challenge. Wow! It went by quickly. I’m a little relieved, but I will miss it. Most importantly…I discovered some wonderful blogs (and new friends) that I will continue to follow! ☺


17 thoughts on “Z-hivago

  1. Great "Z" post. I have not seen the remake either – I'm always leery of how they will measure up to the original, and that is often the case with classics, they don't.Nice way to end the challenge! Yes, it's been quick and I'm also relieved; and like you I am thrilled to have been introduced to some excellent blogs because of participating in this A-Z challenge. You are on my "reading list" so I will be back often.Cheers, Jenny

  2. Great post to end the challenge. I haven't seen the original so this will go on my "bucket" list. You are on my reading list as well so I will be dropping in once in a while.

  3. I love this as well, great Z post! When I was a kid, my mom had a music box that played Lara's Theme. I loved listening to it, and that song will always make me think of my mom.Congratulations on making it to the end, hurray! I'm really glad to have found your blog, and will look forward to visiting again. Have a great weekend!

  4. Congratulations and very good ending, this is one of my mom's favourite movies too 🙂 Keep on writing, I will follow you. BTW will you do the May challenge?

  5. Thanks for reminding me about this wonderful movie! I'll have to watch it straight through, as I've only seen parts of it. I enjoyed meeting you thru A-Z, and I will continue visiting your blog! Julie

  6. I too am a Dr. Zhivago fan and I have no Russian relatives at all. It was required watching for my 3 daughters and I had Lara's theme played at my wedding. I never get tired of watching Omar Shariff. Good choice!

  7. TCM has been playing that movie recently…do you know that I have never sat through the whole movie once? I'll have to give it another shot. Congrats on completing the challenge! It is bittersweet—I'm glad and sad at the same time! But I have surely enjoyed and appreciated meeting new bloggy friends too!

  8. Believe it or not, I have never seen Dr. Zhivago (either version). But I will now! Congrats on finishing the entire A-Z challenge with interesting posts.

  9. omg, Dr. Zhivago is where I felt in love with Omar Sharif. Nobody where I grew up (small town in Lousiana) looked like him, dark and oh-so handsome with that accent. Southerners' accent isn't nearly as sexy as his was! :-)The romance factor was 200% — at least to an impressionable young teenager.I am so glad you chose Dr. Zhivago — thank you for bringing good memories to mind.MM the Queen of English

  10. I'm SOooooo glad you found me! (I'm the one with the disabled daughter Jen.) Your blog title and the description of who you are and your life draw me in. Dr. Zhivago is one of my favorite movies, too, next to To Kill A Mockingbird. I would never watch a re-make. I don't think anyone could replace the original cast.I love your blog title: A Simple Happy Life. It's what I'm craving as I grow older.I had an Aunt Laura, my mother's older sister who was always smiling right up to her death at age 95. I wanted to name my daughter #3 Laura, but went with Stephanie instead. I love both names.I hope we'll be good friends!Ann Best, Memoir Author

  11. Love Dr. Zhivago and Lara's Theme-classics. Great job with the Challenge. It'll be weird to resume normal blogging, but it's time. Good luck with blogging life post Challenge. I'll be reading.

  12. Hi! I love your blog, too! I came round to read & follow back. :)Dr. Zhivago is a great movie, but it makes me cold!

  13. This is actually a movie I have NOT yet seen! Or at least if I have, I can't remember what it's about! I really need to remedy that.

  14. Wonderful Z-word, Laura. It was so much fun watching you go through the entire alphabet on here! One always wonders what a person will list anytime they're taxed with finding an X and Z word, and you went through those with flying colors. Great job!

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