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Y-ellow truck

When my son was just a little guy, his world revolved around trucks, tractors, backhoes…but most of all the well driller and it’s friend – Yellow Truck.

I could not find a picture of the original Yellow Truck so here’s it successor – Mostly Yellow Truck. (sorry for the repeat pic posting…)

Jon was quiet when you took him out of his comfort zone (home). And he was very shy. We thought it was important that he attend pre-school, otherwise we were very afraid that kindergarten would be an absolutely heart-breaking scene (for Jon and his mom ☺).

So, Jon went to pre-school for the two years before kindergarten. A very lovely co-op pre-school where the parents took turns working, which I loved. It would be a gradual separation process.

For the entire first year, when Jon was three years old, he never spoke at school. I’m serious. At the end of the year, the parents were presenting a book to the very wonderful teacher. They were collecting quotes from each student. The quote that I submitted from Jon looked like this:

     ”                                                                       “
empty quotes
His teacher totally got it! She was a saint.
We were really hoping that he would come out of his shell a little bit during the second year. And he did.
A little bit, he would talk. And he made friends. And he kinda liked pre-school. He was quiet, still, but he said what needed to be said.
Toward the end of the year, the teacher was testing each student to gauge their readiness for kindergarten. Now, we knew Jon was ready. He was a smart kid (still is), but how would he do while he was testing one on one with the teacher?
I found out a couple of days later, when his teacher had a question for me.
She was testing his knowledge of colors. When she got to this color:
Jon was right on the money. He answered, “Yellow truck.”
She just had to ask me where that came from though!

Jon loved that yellow truck!


5 thoughts on “Y-ellow truck

  1. What a sweet story. Is he still so quiet?Our little grandson is just getting on to his colours. Sometimes he gets it right, other times not so much. I wonder if he is just guessing?

  2. At 22, he is still quiet in certain situations, but I know when he's with his friends he is certainly not quiet.☺I was never really worried about it. My husband and father-in-law were always men of few words and they ran their own business. They did just fine. Jon moved to CA (not knowing anyone) for six months, he went to Switzerland, he bought a house, and is creating a successful career for himself. He does just fine too!

  3. That was a beautiful tribute to your "quiet" boy and the love of his Yellow truck. Kids do find their way, with or without a loud voice. It sounds like Jon is living a wonderful and successful life.Thanks for sharing,Jenny

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