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When you ask for for an X word, what is the first one that comes to my mind? Xanthophyll.

Definition of XANTHOPHYLL (from Merriam-Webster.com):
any of several yellow to orange carotenoid pigments that are oxygen derivatives of carotenes; especially : lutein

Do you know what book (and the chapter) this word is featured in? For some of you this will be very easy.

Hint #1: If you know me, either personally or through this blog, it shouldn’t be that hard to be able to narrow down the author of the book.  😉
Hint #2: The definition has nothing to do with it. Just thought I should add it. It’s always good to learn a new word, right?

What’s in it for you? If you can tell me, in the comments below, the author, book, and chapter this word is found in, I will put your name in for a drawing. I will send the winner a copy of the book with color illustrations. If you’re familiar with this author’s books, you know that this book is available with color illustrations. I’m not talking about those dumb photograph covers, but the original illustrations in color.

*I’m trusting that you don’t look at the other comments! ☺

You have until May 5th and you MUST be a public follower of my blog. One comment, one chance! Good Luck!!


14 thoughts on “X-anthophyll

  1. Sorry my dear, I have no clue although I am almost certain it is your favourite author Laura Ingalls Wilder. I have no clue how she would introduce such a word into her books. Good luck to everyone else.

  2. Well of course it's somewhere in the Little House books but I have no clue where without going through all of them! Good luck to whoever!!

  3. Little Town on the Prairie of course! Chapter 18, Literaries. (My spell check is coming on, but I think I spelled it right. ?)The word no one, even Laura, could spell…except Pa, who won the spelling bee!

  4. I guessed it was from one of the Laura books .. but didn't know which one … so I cheated and read the comments because I had no thought of trying to compete. Good choice for the word.

  5. Page 218 (hardback edition) Little Town on the Prairie Literaries."Then Xanthophyll," said Mr. Clewett. It was Laura's turn."Xanthophyll," she said. To her surprise, she was suddenly confused. Her eyes shut. She could almost see the word on the speller's last page, but she could not think. It seemed that she stood a long time in a dreadful silence of watching eyes.Is that enough to prove I know where it is?

  6. Little Town on the PrairieChapter 18 – Literaries, pages 219-220.(by the way, it's the chapter following my favorite…the lunatic fringe! ☺)

  7. Xanthophyll is from the Spell off in Little Town on the Prairie. It is in the Literaries chapter.Thanks for posting fun contests….it is fun to see what other fans know and their thoughts on her works. Patty:)

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