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Stones for my Father Blog Tour

I’m really honored to have been chosen to take part as one of the hosts for Trilby Kent’s Stones for my Father book blog tour. Thank you to Tundra Books and Sylvia Chan for giving me this opportunity!

Stones for My Father

Written by Trilby Kent
Hardcover | Ages 11+ | 176 pages
ISBN 978-1-77049-252-3
eBook 978-1-77049-260-8

Corlie Roux’s farm life in South Africa is not easy: the Transvaal is beautiful, but it is also a harsh place where the heat can be so intense that the very raindrops sizzle. When her beloved father dies, she is left with a mother who is as devoted to her sons as she is cruel to her daughter. Despite this, Corlie finds solace in her friend, Sipho, and in Africa itself and in the stories she conjures for her brothers.

But Corlie’s world is about to vanish: the British are invading and driving Boer families like hers from their farms. Some escape into the bush to fight the enemy. The unlucky ones are rounded up and sent to internment camps.
Will Corlie’s resilience and devotion to her country sustain her through the suffering and squalor she finds in the camp at Kroonstad? That may depend on a soldier from faraway Canada and on inner resources Corlie never dreamed she had….

What did I think?
~I’ve always enjoyed historical fiction and was not disappointed with Stones for my Father. I was drawn in from the first pages and held till the last. As I don’t know much about The Boer Wars, reading Stones for my Father was actually a learning experience too. Ms. Trilby writes her characters very well. It did not take me long to feel compassion for Corlie as she is so cruelly treated by her mother, which is about how long it takes for me to want to rescue Corlie. I spent the rest of the book wishing someone would save Corlie, not only from the soldiers, but from her mother.

I also think that Ms. Trilby wrote the backdrop, the landscape, the emotions, and feelings so well. You could see the beauty of the landscape, but also feel the baking sun even though I have never been to South Africa, I felt as if I had been there. She made it so familiar. I felt such compassion for the children in the internment camp because the situation was portrayed with such feeling.

As I have included the summary above, I won’t go into too much more. I don’t want to give anything away! I will say that you will want to keep reading and there is a slight twist. Worth the read and an excellent book for a young person who is already interested in or to get them interested in a part of world history that they might otherwise not learn enough about.

I was hoping to do an interview with Trilby Kent, but because of illness and bouncing emails it just didn’t get to happen in time. We will try to get it within the next week or two and I will post a follow-up to this with an interview!

TRILBY KENT was born in Toronto, Ontario, but grew up in cities on both sides of the Atlantic. After completing degrees at Oxford University and the London School of Economics, she worked for a time in the rare books department at Bonhams before turning to journalism and writing novels for children and adults. Her first book, Medina Hill, is also available from Tundra Books. Trilby Kent lives in London, England.

Would you like to win a copy of Stones for my Father by Trilby Kent? Just leave a comment below and you will be entered. You only have until midnight tonight and you must be a public follower of my blog! You can also click on the link in my sidebar to enter to win one of five copies being given away through Goodreads! Good Luck!


7 thoughts on “Stones for my Father Blog Tour

  1. That does sound like a good book. I remember a Danielle Steele book I was reading once that made me want to crawl into the book and strangle the girls mother!

  2. Enjoyed your review – sounds like a very good book. I like to "get lost" in good books, and seems like this one definitely makes that possible. I have added it to my to-read list.

  3. As I was reading, I wanted to smack the mother. She just couldn't get beyond herself to see what a lovely person her daughter had become.

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