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Maybe since I’ve been sick I’ve lost my alphabet mojo…I don’t know. U is a hard letter though. So many words have gone through my mind, trying to come up with just the right one. Umbrella, unload, ubiquitous, uvula…big words, little words, simple words and difficult words.

But it always came back to this.

Are you familiar with this song by the Barenaked Ladies? My daughter and I always got a kick out of how they made us say Underwear! Lame. I know. But we are easily amused.

And that is why my U-word is Underwear!

P.S. I couldn’t remember the name of this song when I went on my youtube search. FYI…It’s best to know the name of the song first. Typing “Barenaked Ladies”…well it brought up some interesting results that I quickly skipped over!

Have a wonderful day!!


6 thoughts on “U-nderwear

  1. Yes…we are getting to the difficult part of the alphabet!I think we are all feeling the pressures of this Challenge.I liked "U" and I just got lucky with putting a string of words together that somehow made sense, too me anyway!I'm stumbling over "V"…Have a wonderful day,Jenny

  2. It appears I'm stumbling over "o's" as well..one too many "o's" in the word "to" in my last post!Yikes…time to slow my fingers down…and proof before I press "Post Comment."Happy Thoughts,Jenny

  3. BNL is one of my favorite bands of all time. I love them! U rock just for liking them, too. They always make me giggle plus they put on the best concerts.

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