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T-hank you!

While I was not feeling well, I received an award! I wanted to post about it right away, but really needed to wait until my mind was less fuzzy so that I could properly post the award itself. šŸ™‚

So…a Big Thank You to Jenny at The Pearson Report for this Classy Blogger Award! I love it!

I met Jenny through the A – Z Challenge. I’ve started following several new blogs that have been happily discovered through this challenge. The Pearson Report is waaaay up there on the list! I love the friends I have made along the way, on this blogger journey! I ā™„ YOU!


7 thoughts on “T-hank you!

  1. Dear Laura,Sorry to read that you are still under the weather – lots of chicken soup and bed rest are my remedies. It's too bad that Jamie is also feeling poorly – it's nice if you can be there for each other, but when you both are sick it's difficult. Hopefully you each have family and friends that are tending to both of you.And, as to the award…you deserve it! I'm glad you like it too!I collect shoes – miniature shoes, and this one is called "Secrets" – it is a favourite of mine.Do get better soon…but in the meantime stay warm, get lots of rest and know we are patiently awaiting your return.Hugs, Jenny

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