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Thought I wouldn’t get to this today!

Lots of apologies all around…

I’ve been shirking my alphabet duty. This bronchitis, which I’m fairly certain did progress into pneumonia, really took its toll on me. I would start feeling a little better then the fever would creep back in and the whole thing would start over. Wednesday was the worst. My fever crept back up and I felt terrible. I would have gone to the hospital at that point. But after a few hours it started dropping. And I slowly started feeling a tad better. I still felt so out of it though and…just not right. This morning I was feeling very strange and anxious and a little panicky. I knew it had to be the antibiotics. This is the same stuff they gave me when I had pneumonia, but I was so sick anyhow that the side effects didn’t make as much of a difference. I asked Jim to call the doctor and see if they could get changed. It took quite a few phone calls and a lot of waiting, but they finally sent a new prescription to the pharmacy. I don’t know how long it’ll take to get this stuff out of my system, but I hope never to take it again.

So sorry for leaving lame alphabet posts on this here blog. And sorry to my husband for worrying him/being mean to him/causing many phone calls to be made to a confusing doctor’s office phone system. I will be letting my doctor know. And sorry to my daughter…I hope you’re not catching it.

Just sorry all the way around.


8 thoughts on “S-orry

  1. Please take the time, after you get allllllll better, to track down the name of the antibiotic, from which you think you have had bad reactions. Mark that down in your personal records. And always tell doctors this information, from now on. You know how a standard question, when we go to a doc is; "Are you allergic to any meds, etc.?" Well, I'd say that is the spot at which to tell them, about this antibiotic. Individuals can have bad reactions to individual medications. Both my [pharmacist] husband and I, do. And no health care provider knows, unless we do our own sleuthing, and know, and can tell them. Please take as much time, to rest as much as is fully necessary, to recover from this bout. I know it took me quite a while. And I am very scared of getting such a "bug," again. -sigh-Please!!!!!!!!! Do not let any thoughts about blogging, interfere with your return to health.Gentle hugs…

  2. So sorry you are sick. It certainly does sound like you may be allergic to that certain antibiotic as Aunt Amelia's attic had mentioned. please keep us updated on your progress to good health.Take care. (and thank you for stopping by my blog. I will keep you updated on the lemon tree).

  3. No reason to be sorry, girl. You were very SICK! "Chit" happens to all of us from time to time. The good news is that you're getting better!!!

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