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R-esting and R-eading

I really wanted to do a post about my love for reading to go along with by B post for books, but I’m still not quite up to it.

After going to the doctor and thinking that starting the antibiotics would cure it all, I actually started feeling worse. After going back and forth, feeling better and worse for five days (three on antibiotics), I had my absolute low point yesterday. I think I would have gone to the hospital for a while there. Then slowly my fever started going down and I started feeling better. So, here I am, still not 100%, but much better.

Today I think I will mostly rest and maybe read. I’ve felt so poorly the past few days that I couldn’t concentrate to read or watch movies…makes the resting part of being sick that much worse.

Thank you all for your kind “get well wishes”. I could truly feel your good vibes!

I’ve got something fun planned for one of my letters next week!

7 thoughts on “R-esting and R-eading

  1. So sorry that you had such a rotten time. I never had a fever, but I still have had weeks and weeks of "ugh"…… Over Jan. and last month. This is nothing to be taken lightly I guess.I am old. But you are not. We all need to be careful, dealing with such illness.Next time, please go to doc, very early on. [Said by she who avoided doc, last time, not wanting another round of anti-biotics to be prescribed. But had it, eventually. -sigh-] Please, just rest! Sleep! It's the most wonderful thing, to have an excuse to just sleep, doze, sleep, doze, etc. Please! Let your body get enough rest, to fight off the rest of your illness, and to get you feeling normal again.Please……………Gentle hugs,…..♥…..

  2. Bronchitis is the beginning of pneumonia. And I don't care WHAT the doctors say … once you have it, you get it again more easily than others who haven't had it. My doctor insisted (well, MADE me) and I got a pneumonia shot a couple of years ago and I haven't even been close to sliding into bronchitis when I have a cold, since. You should get one, once you are better. And, yes, rest, rest, rest! Read, read, read! It will take a long time to recover! Don't push it!

  3. Dear Laura,I'm sorry to read that you have been under the weather. I have been distracted with family obligations and have not been around to visit some of my favourite blogs – yours being one of them. I just finished your "P" and "Q" and here I am at "R" wishing you a speedy Recovery and Return to good health.In lieu of chicken soup I will be sending happy thoughts your way.Warmest wishes, Jenny

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