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These are a few of my favorite things:

N is for Nice.

Now, I know that nice is not a thing, but it’s something that’s important to me.

I know that I sometimes fail, but it’s important for me to try to be a nice person and for others to consider me that way. Maybe it’s because of my constant need for people to like me. I don’t know, but if I think that someone doesn’t like me, I really take it personally. I don’t mean that I have to be friends with everyone, I just want them to think I’m…well, a nice person!

Thank you for your well wishes during this carpal tunnel flare-up. It’s much better today, so I hope to be back to my old “typing” self tomorrow! ☺


12 thoughts on “N-ice

  1. Nice is a good thing and even though I only know you through your blog, I can tell how nice a person you are. I am glad to hear the carpal tunnel issue is getting better. I've had it and I understand what you are dealing with.

  2. Oh my! The old post you linked to, is so funny. And so true. It's the bane of all this on-line-social stuff. Blogging included. We do tend to get hooked into *counting Friends.* We do. -sigh-And see how it bothered you, when you saw that you had been *un-friended*? It did. That is why I do not show a list of my Fav. Blogs, on my blog. I use Google Reader, to see when my fav. blogs have a new post. My Google Reader thing is for-my-eyes-only. No one sees which blogs, I have as Fav. Blogs.And we all know that sometimes, we stop resonating with a blog and stop wanting to read it. This happens. It's just life. Or we realize that we are trying to follow happenings in toooooooooooo many blogs! And we have to cut back.Anyway, I do not, not, not want anyone to be able to seeeeeeeeeeeeee my list of Fav. Blogs. Because it changes. And I do not want *HURT FEELINGS.*If bloggers have a Blogger Follower Button on their blog, I usually click on it. If they have that Button, they must like to see it. So I do it. But! I also may stop following their blog, at some time. For my own reasons. And if I had their blog name, on a list on my blog, they could seeeeeeeeeee that, and be hurt. No, no, no, no, no. A long time ago, I came over to Blogger, from Live Journal. I'd started blogging on LJ, years and years ago. Lots of us on LJ, did not, not, not like it, that our so-called-Friends-List was public there. For the hurt feelings reason. With Blogger, one can use the Blogger Follower Button or not. I like that.Over time, I have used it. And removed it. Etc. I like the choice.Sorry for being so chatty in your comments. -grin-Gentle hugs,.♥.

  3. I think you are nice. It is hard sometimes to find nice people. Even during the A-z challange I have found some people are just not as nice. Nice is aquality I think some are afraid to have. I view nice as power some view it as weak. But i feel nice is well nice!

  4. I love your Facebook post. Very funny. Big Brother is watching. I only have 26 friends on my FB. 90% of those are relatives. I had 2 more but 2 of my nieces unfriended me because I posted that it is not nice to say "bad words" in public. I am not the cool Aunt I guess.Hope your CT is better. I get bouts of it once in a while so I know.

  5. First time on your blog. I love the theme. I've already commented on the blogs where the word was no. Then I come to your nice. That's why we don't say no. We want to be nice. The two words are connected.MM the Queen of Englishqueenofenglish.wordpress.com

  6. I've got the same problem in both hands. I soak them in ice water twice a day for two minutes. Before I go to bed, I slip them both into braces. It can be a painful ordeal. I cut hair for a living and write with the hopes to be published.Positive thoughts to you.

  7. I think it's important for people to be nice to each other, so I agree with you, Laura. Mutual respect is important too!I'm Debbie Lo's husband, Tom, by the way. I'm fairly new to the blogging world, and asked her to suggest some nice blog sites to visit. She suggested your blog, so here I am! I hope it's ok that I've become a follower, and I invite you to check out my blog too and become a follower if you like. Oh, and I'm also Jeanette's brother.Take care, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  8. Found you through A-Z. Good post-can't go wrong with being nice. It's not always easy, but definitely worth the effort. Have fun with the rest of the challenge-I'll be reading.

  9. Dear Laura, I loved this post, but I was totally blown away by the Facebook post. I left a long comment there as well. You and I are totally on the same page when it comes to Facebook. In fact, when you said Duke finally got his own page (and then de-friended you LOL), I just howled!! Too funny!My grand – dogs have a page as well.I see you have a Facebook link on your blog. I'll go out and friend you today. Great post!

  10. What a lovely, peaceful little place you have here. I do believe I will drop by on a regular basis.and thank you for dropping in on thefeatherednest

  11. I'm glad your CT is starting to feel better, Laura. Oh, and I LOVE the photo of you and your honey posing as Mr. & Mrs. Farmer! LOL Very cute!

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