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These are a few of my favorite things:

K is for Kindle.

Okay. I’ve had some rather loooong posts of late, so today will be relatively short. Kind of. We can only hope. ☺

I love books. Always have and always will. Nothing can replace a good book. Or going to a bookstore and buying a book that you’ve been looking forward to, or one that you just came upon quite by accident. Either way…nothing can compare to cracking open a brand new book. The glory of it all!

That’s why I went back and forth about getting a Kindle. I really wanted one, for the ease and convenience, but I didn’t want to risk being “one of those” who caused the downfall of real books. But I did really want a Kindle! ☺

I wouldn’t spend that money on myself though, and didn’t really have it to spend. That’s why I was completely and totally surprised when I was opening gifts on my birthday and…

I got a Kindle!

Still…nothing can compare to a book, but it is so much easier to carry a Kindle in my purse (don’t like to risk bending up a book by carrying it in my purse). Sometimes my life is hurry and wait and having a book right there waiting and ready when I need it is the absolute best.

Another great thing is that my Kindle was so easy to set up and start using. There was nothing to it! I’ll admit that I was a little worried since I’m…a bit technology challenged. This thing? I turned it on and started using it. It really was that easy!

I do have one problem though, if you can call it that. I have a hard time spending money on the Kindle so I’ve downloaded mostly free and very inexpensive books. Plus, sometimes I can get a real book cheaper than on the Kindle and sometimes I just plain want the book version.

But I really do love my Kindle. And now I’m done.

6 thoughts on “K-indle

  1. Thank you for this interesting post on Kindle. I've had this discussion before… About how books as we know them, may be going to disappear and all. I hope not. And I hope that Kindle users will be your kind of a Kindle user.But still for me, unless I really need it, I'm sticking to books. And books from the library. We are lucky to have a great library system, from which we borrow books from a large area. At this time in my life [I'm olden] I'm trying to not buy, buy, buy more things. I love the books we have but do not add to them, unless it is necessary in some way. But this get-rid-of-stuff thing, and trying for more simplicity thing, is me and me at this time of life. Not everyone need feel the same way. Hooray for everyone being able to make up their own mind!!! Long may it be so!!!.♥.

  2. I got a Kindle in March and love it! I took it to Rapid City with me and it was handy to have to read while I was resting in the Rest Areas. I have made a cover for mine to protect it in case I dropped it — I drop things easily. I, also, have gotten mostly free books! Just finished "Persuasion" by Jane Austin.

  3. I'm the old "want the book in my hand" type reader but I can see where the e-books would be a good thing. I read so much I would really have to weigh the cost. But, if I were given one for my Birthday, I wouldn't turn it down either. 🙂

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