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J-im, J-amie and J-on

These are a few of my favorite things:

J is for my three favorite people: Jim (my hunk of a husband), Jamie (my beautiful daughter), and Jon (my handsome son). 

J was not hard to come up with at all. It was a given with a family of J-names (except for me). We didn’t plan it at all either. There was no way we could have, as Jamie came into my life before her dad! 😉

I’ve decided to share some of my favorite pictures of my favorite people!

In 1980, I gave birth to a beautiful, blonde-fuzzed, blue-eyed baby girl. I named her Jamie.
When Jamie was a year old, I had to make some difficult decisions. Jamie and I moved in with my parents. We adjusted to our new life and were happy, but something was missing.
In the fall of 1982, I met Jim. Life started falling into place. Jamie and I found what was missing.

Over the next few years, Jamie became pretty attached to Jim.
So did I. And we decided to get married.

Not only did we get married, we became a family too. It was 1985.
As soon as it could be done, Jim adopted Jamie. We were already a family, but this made it official.
In 1989, just when we thought it wouldn’t be possible, Jon joined our family.
I think Jamie eventually forgave us for not giving her the little sister that she was positive we would name Bambi.

Jim was always working hard.

And Jamie decided that having a little brother wasn’t so bad.

In fact, it could be fun sometimes.
Jamie grew up, went to college and is a teacher.
Jon grew up, won a national competition, and became a CNC Programmer/Machinist.

Jamie moved to Georgia and came back. And we’re glad for that!
Jon moved to California and came back. And we’re glad for that!

Jim and I have been married 25 years.

And we’re still silly in love!


9 thoughts on “J-im, J-amie and J-on

  1. Awwwww, what a nice story. And the pictures help tell it too. So glad everything worked out for you, Laura. God is good, no doubt! 🙂

  2. I got here a little late – I'm making the rounds today – since I have been distracted with other things.What a wonderful photo essay of your family. You all look so happy and so caring!Hugs, Jenny

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