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G-iveaway – but not quite yet!

These are a few of my favorite things:

G is for giveaway – but not right now!

A couple of weeks ago, I had a giveaway here on my blog. I wanted to make it easy for anyone who wanted to enter. To enter my first giveaway you didn’t need to be a follower, you simply needed to comment, plus I gave extra opportunities for extra entries. My giveaway is done and the two jugs of maple syrup that I gave away are safely en route to some fine people that I hope will enjoy them.

There are only a couple of drawbacks to doing a giveaway. First, and most important, I wanted everyone to win! It’s hard to only give away one thing. That’s why I ended up having a runner-up. Next, when someone enters and you don’t know them and they tell you that they shared about your giveaway because that will gain them another entry…well they’re not always telling the truth. And that’s disappointing. I don’t mind at all that I don’t know everyone who enters, because I love to meet new people. But…please don’t cheat to win something, especially from an everyday simple gal like me who just likes people and wanted to share a part of her life with them.

So that said, for my next giveaway, I have to ask that everyone be a public follower of my blog. Commenting will get them one entry and sharing on their blog and then coming back to comment and providing me with the link will get them a second. I would love to offer extra chances for extra entries, but, just like when we were kids in school, one person can ruin it for the whole class and I would love to do giveaways an a regular basis, but not to cheaters.

After I reach 50 followers, I’m hoping to do a book giveaway. But I have a question…

These are only some of my books. I have many more. And I’m continually buying more. I mean…who can pass up a library sale when you can get a bag of books for a buck??

I have tons of books and, quite honestly, the majority of them I will only read once. Then I give them away. The other day, I thought to myself, “When you read a book that you’re not going to keep why don’t you give it away to one of your blog followers?” People love books.

Would it matter to you if the book had been read once?

I would love to buy new books or other things and give them away, but to be totally honest, our business is slow, times are tough, and I really can’t afford to spend a lot of money right now.

So, what do you think? Do you mind if I have giveaways for books that have been read once. I will be honest. If I didn’t necessarily like a book I will tell you! As a matter of fact, that is the case with the first one I have chosen. However, it is considered a classic and it was written by a famous writer. It just wasn’t my kind of read. Someone else may be thrilled with it!


11 thoughts on “G-iveaway – but not quite yet!

  1. No problem. Books are meant to be read more than once – and I think it is a shame that so many sit idle on shelves rather than doing good else where. In my recent years I have begun to give away alot of stuff, and books are at the top of the list. Especailly fiction. There are so many wonderful books to read and I generally don't read a book twice.

  2. I am a follower already. I just wanted to tell you I am such an avid reader that I believe a book that is read and given away is the greatest gift. Someone already loves it enough to share it. I send my favorites to my daughters, my sister and my niece. They then pass them on. So, yes, pass them on.

  3. I am so sorry that you had a less than honest person enter your giveaway! When I did my first giveaway, a long-time blogger told me to always make one of the rules that entrees have to be followers. I really think this helps with keeping things honest! Dishonest is dishonest!And books? My fave! I will read anyhing!!! Give me a holler when you do the book giveaway!Have a great weekend!xo, misha

  4. What a great idea!!! We who love books do not mind if they have been previously read.My town library is going to be undergoing renovations for the next 9 months, so they will be closed, and not accepting donations (which is what I usually do with the books I'm not going to read again). So, if you don't mind, I'd like to use your idea and copy you! Would you mind? And if you send me your address, I'll start with a giveaway to YOU, if you like, just for being such a neat person with generous ideas!

  5. I think it's a great idea to giveaway books you've already read. I have a whole stack of books just waiting to be shared, and a blog giveaway is terrific.

  6. I agree with everyone else. Good books are meant to be shared. Half the time, my family buys them used for a buck from Amazon, and it doesn't bother us in the least that there are dog-eared pages or writing inside the front cover. We think that makes the book even more interesting because it has a HISTORY!And sorry about the dishonest folks. There always has to be one bad apple in every barrel, ya know? But you shake it off, and you move on. 🙂

  7. As a Librarian, some of the best books you find are the ones you see in thrift stores, at yard sales, or are loaned to you. The best thing you can do is release the book into the wild for someone else to enjoy and pass on!Patty from Kansas

  8. I can't believe I missed a maple syrup giveaway!!! That is unacceptable! Stupid computer was freezing everytime I went to my dashboard. So anyway, I am here now and even though I am blogging at work, maybe I can win a cool previously read book. (Thanks for visiting my blog)

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