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These are a few of my favorite things:

F is for Frankenmuth.

You don’t have to be from Michigan to know about Frankenmuth (a Bavarian town just west of the thumb in Michigan). I’m lucky enough to live an hour and a half away. An easy day trip. Although much more fun when we make it an overnight!

This is probably how the Bavarian Inn looked the first time I was there. Except it probably wasn’t in black and white, but, you know what I mean. ☺

 The first time that I remember going there was after I made my First Communion. My parents, a favorite aunt and uncle, and me (JUST ME!) all spent the day there. I wore my Communion dress and enjoyed the attention and I slipped and fell in my pretty, shiny, new, white patent leather shoes.

I have no pictures from that trip. There must be some out there, but I found this:

On the back, it says Frankenmuth, Mich. in my very childlike handwriting. We would have gone in 1968 for my First Communion, so it would match up.

I don’t remember any other trips to Frankenmuth, although I am sure there must have been. My husband and son never really liked the hype, so we didn’t go there as a family. Jamie and I spent the weekend there in the spring that she graduated from high school. I think that planted a seed.

We started going again in the year 2000, when Jamie was in college. My mom and I would drive up and meet Jamie there. Frankenmuth is about half-way between home and the college she attended. 

I love how Jamie tells the story in her blog, From My Classroom Window. She chose Frankenmuth for her F-day too.

The three of us cherished our trips to Frankenmuth and it will always be a special memory.

My mom and I in 2000. We were taking pictures of each other in the parking lot, and a man (about my mom’s age) offered to take one of the three of us. He was very flirty with my mom and we teased her about that for a good long time. I’ve searched high and low for the picture with the three of us. I wanted to use it and so did Jamie. I’m fairly organized about my pictures, but I can’t find it. It’s out there somewhere and I hope that we can find it. We are all very happy in it and I know that’s the only one we have of the three of us in Frankenmuth. Jim usually took the camera with him on these weekends because he, Jon, and the other boys usually took a snowmobile trip while we were in Frankenmuth.

I even took my friend, Brigitte, there when she visited from Belgium. I hope she enjoyed it too!


8 thoughts on “F-rankenmuth

  1. I grew up about 30 minutes from Frankenmuth where the chicken dinner is king. We uusually avoided the lines at the big resturants and ate at Tiffany's, the cutest little bar with great sandwiches. We did enjoy the ice and snow sculptures in the winter though.

  2. My grandparents loved to go there, and my parents took my brother and I when we were kids. I have a photo of the two of us sitting on bench with an gnome. Good times. Thanks for the reminder. : )~Andrea~

  3. Laura, I'm sitting in my studio, waiting the arrival of my next client and I just wandered over to your site. (the reading list on my blog helps me see who's put up a new post and you were top on my list – so here I am)I feel like I've just had an afternoon outing – and a lovely one at that!I could actually feel and see Frankenmuth through this beautiful post – thanks for adding a little adventure to my day.Happy thoughts,Jenny

  4. My aunt took me to Helen, GA bunches when I was little and she has taken my girls there as well. We all LOVE it! It is a Bavarian Alpine Village with the cobble streets and all. So I'm sure I would LOVE visiting Frankenmuth! I really enjoy places like this!

  5. Yes Laura, I enjoyed the visit very much, a nice cozy place and we had a great time … the foof …. yummy !!!!!! I realy need to go back hihihi

  6. I love Frankenmuth too! We live about the same distance from there as you do. My sister and I spent the day there last November (while the guys were up north hunting), and it was such a blast. We had to do all the traditional stuff–walking across bridges that spanned the Cass River, shopping in the quaint shops, eating the famous chicken dinners, tasting the various cheeses at the Cheese Haus and taking a walk thru Bronner's Christmas Store to check out all the wonderful and cute Christmas decorations and ornaments. Our state is lucky to have such a treasure as Frankenmuth. Thank you to the Germans who settled in that area and gave us those adorable Bavarian villages!

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