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These are a few of my favorite things:

D is for Dogs…..more specifically Duke (who just happens to be my dog☺!)

Yes, I know I just wrote about cats yesterday, but I do come from a family who always had dogs and cats. What can I say?

So…I’m going to share some pictures of the dogs that I remember the most.

Weenie. The first dog that I can remember. Weenie was a good dog. Loved by the family.

Our Irish Setter, Holly. Holly was quite the dog. She chewed up pillows, shoes, library books. You name it. She loved chocolate and would go to great lengths to open drawers, doors, and chew through pockets to get it. She was a great dog though!

Ruby. When Jamie and I moved back in with my parents, Jamie fell in love with Ruby. She crawled, then toddled everywhere Ruby went. Ruby would crawl under my mom’s buffet just to get a break (she thought). Jamie would follow. We loved Ruby. She moved to Florida and then back to Michigan shortly before Jim and I were married. She was such a good dog. When Ruby died was the first time I ever saw Jim cry.

Otis. We got Otis the week Jon turned two. He was really Jamie’s dog, but when we moved here he became Pa’s (Jim’s dad) buddy. Jim grew up with outside-only dog and that’s what Otis was (he stayed in the heated shop on cold winter nights). But even when we tried, we couldn’t get him to come up the two steps into our house from the office. Otis disappeared once, for about three months. People down and across the road had him. Seriously. We took him back. Otis was loved by everyone. When he died, Jim and I lovingly buried him and cried.

Bear. Poor Bear. When we got Bear, we decided to install invisible fencing and he was easy to train. For some reason, one day, he crossed the line (we think the little girl across the road was calling him), crossed the road, and was hit coming back. I called him my Silly Old Bear.

Sosha. She’s not mine, but Jamie’s. She was a southern gal, an apartment dog. When Jamie moved back in, Sosha was part of the deal. Jamie thinks that when she moves back out to an apartment that Sosha will happily re-adjust. We can’t imagine she’ll ever want to be anything but a country dog ever again.

In September of 2006, my mom’s dog had puppies. She was old. The vet said that it would be like a 70-year-old woman having a baby. Understandably, Heidi rejected them. I named the black one Duke and Jamie named the light one Toby. We bottle-fed them around the clock every two hours. We helped them go potty. We became their mommas for a month. It was never our intention to keep them. Loving homes were lined up ahead of time. Toby went to live with a great family. When he was two, their teenage daughter sent me pictures and the nicest letter about how much they love him.

Duke left for a week and ended up coming back here. I was so happy! I had grown quite attached.This is my favorite baby Dukie picture. He looks like he’s smiling.

Dukie’s first Christmas.

Duke at about four months.

Dukie. Again.

I love this picture of Duke. I’ve been known to carry it when we travel. Don’t judge me!

Apparently when your kids grow up, you transfer that attachment to your pets, especially if you don’t have grandkids. Yet. We have Duke. And we’re pretty attached.

*As I was finishing this up, Jamie let Duke in for the night and noticed he had some scrapes on his face. Poor guy. He got into some kind of scrap. I made Jim get back up and clean his boo-boos.


8 thoughts on “D-ogs

  1. It's so nice that you have darling Duke, and he is quite lucky to have you. I enjoyed seeing your dogs and learning about what a caring person you are. Thank you for following me and I look forward to dropping in again.Julie

  2. Nothing like seeing pictures of happy pets, to warm me up!I'm a dog owner – I have a little Jack Russell x Shih tzu, she is 11 this year but has the energy of a puppy! ( I love cats too!)The older I get the younger she (Lucky) seems to become – I'm glad one of us is reliving our youth!Thank you for coming to my site and adding yourself as a Follower – much appreciated. I hope you will have time to stop by, now and then, as you make your way around the blogging world.Smiles from Jenny!

  3. What a wonderful D post. It was so warm following your dog journey. You made me reflect and miss some of my old friends. Dogs really do become family. Thank you for visiting my blog, I am new to the blogging scene but enjoying it very much. I look forwsrd to revisiting my new friend.

  4. I really enjoyed seeing all the pictures of your dogs, so loved. I could feel the warrmth leaping right off the page!Have a great day from a fellow A to Z blogging challenger.

  5. What a wonderful post. I have many warm memories of dogs from my past too. They have all shared a special part in my life. I really liked seeing all of your special furry friends.

  6. What a fabulous blog! Dogs are wonderful. You should join Sir Poops-A-Lot on Saturday on my blog. He's rather interesting. This week he'll be blogging about his little brother. It's a love/hate thing.

  7. Awwww, just love all the dog pictures. Dogs are just so caring and loving; they're great! Duke looks like quite a guy. I love labs. They are so easy to train and make such wonderful family dogs. Give Duke a hug from me, OK?

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