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These are a few of my favorite things:

C is for Cats.

I can always remember having a cat when I was growing up. I can remember Snowflake. I don’t have a picture of Snowflake, but I’m pretty sure she started having her kittens on my bed in the middle of the night. My parents had a heck of a time getting her to move them into a box. She was determined to stay in the bed.
Maybe my siblings can clarify. Our basement flooding once and I seem to remember that our cat had her kittens all huddled up together to keep their heads above water. Luckily the flooding was caught early enough that tragedy could be averted. Was this Snowflake and did this really happen? The memory is so vivid that it must have happened, right?

I also remember Puffy who looked much like Snowflake.

The cat I most remember though is Honey. He was (obviously) a honey-colored cat and we also had his brother, whom we called Bit-O-Honey (I think), a calico cat with bits of honey coloring (hence the name). I don’t know what happened to Bit-O-Honey, but I know he wasn’t around as long as Honey. We moved twice with Honey. And then, one day, he disappeared. Oh, and I know that my dad called him Tom. I’m sure he couldn’t bring himself to calling the cat “Honey”.

I didn’t have a cat for many years after that. After Jim and I married, we ended up with a cat named Bootsie. He was my daughter’s cat. When we moved to this house, unknown to us, he sneaked into one of the trucks and when it was opened to unpack, he bolted. I believe he found his way back to our old house (only a couple of miles away), but didn’t stick around long.

We had a couple of cats after that. However, we live on a busy road and cats do not fair well on busy roads. As a matter of fact, many years ago when our daughter was in junior high and our son was in preschool…We had a cat named Tasha, again Jamie’s cat. Tasha usually went out in the evening and in the morning would show up at Jamie’s bedroom window and Jamie would let her in.
One evening, Jim came home after finishing up a job in the evening and pulled me aside to tell me that he had found Tasha on the side of our road. It wasn’t good news.
Jim took on the sad task of retrieving the cat and burying her. We were all sad and Jamie cried. A lot.
The next morning, we sadly started our day. Jamie was still quite upset so I decided to take Jon to preschool and come back and take her to school late so that she had extra time to compose herself. I talked to her for a minute, left her in her bedroom to start getting ready, and proceeded to get ready to take Jon to his school.
Weren’t we all surprised (or perhaps in shock) a minute later when Jamie came out of her bedroom with a very alive Tasha in her arms?!
Just like any other morning, Tasha showed up at Jamie’s bedroom window to be let in.
Yes. Jim did go out and look at the grave. There is someone, somewhere in our neighborhood who must have been missing their gray-striped cat. We never found out who you are…but we gave your cat a proper burial.
I’d like to say that Tasha lived a long happy life after that. But she didn’t. She met the same fate as her lookalike.

While all this was going on we had Ozzie. Ozzie was the shop cat. She didn’t want to come in the house. She was very happy and comfy in the heated shop. She never ventured out by the road either. She did manage to get into a couple of scrapes, but she lived a long, happy life here.

After that we decided that we just couldn’t have a cat that was allowed outside. And we got Boo. Boo was an inside only cat. She did not appreciate that title and took every available opportunity to sneak outside. I, for one, never once enjoyed chasing her around to catch her. Have you very tried to catch a cat? Not easy.
Boo had her quirks and she got to be a cranky old cat, but we all loved her. Even though she really only loved the men of the house. Boo lived a long and happy life of leisure.

After Boo died, I decided that I would take a little break from having cats.

Then my daughter moved back in…with two cats. And that’s a whole ‘nother story!


6 thoughts on “C-ats

  1. What a lovely tribute to your cats.I have forwarded your site to a dear friend of mine who has a most beautiful Bengal cat, which she so lovingly adopted about 3 years ago.(I'm the cat's Godmother! – my friend is my daughter's Godmother so she thought it only fair – since she has no children)I have enjoyed your site and will continue returning.Smiles, Jennywww.jennypearson.com

  2. Awww. I love cats, and can remember always having them when I was growing up. My white cat's name was Lace.We recently adopted a calico and named her Sundae. In fact, my post today is about her.I enjoyed reading your post. It's sad to lose them, though. They become such a huge part of our lives.

  3. Just when I thought all your favorite things would also be my favs (LIW, books, antiques) you put cats instead of chocolate!!! Ah well, cats are nice too.When I was a kid I had a kitten that would attack your eyeballs during REM sleep. Dad named him Lester the Molester because of it. We thought being thrown across the room would break him of it, but it didn't; we had to give him away. DD has a black cat named Boo! Boo! He was a Halloween gift.

  4. Here, kitty, kitty…just love these cat photos. We have 3 (well, actually 1 is ours and the other 2 belong to our daughter who still lives at home), and they are just SO entertaining.Thanks for sharing!

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