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These are a few of my favorite things:

B is for Books.

I love books. Always have and always will. I’ll show you:

First and most importantly are my Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. My very first set, which I collected one or two at a time for gifts or as I saved my allowance. Little House in the Big Woods is a Scholastic book and I had always wished that I had a matching set. I cannot say how many times I have read these books. I ♥ Laura Ingalls Wilder.

I now own several sets of the Little House books. These are a few. Yes, I finally got my matching set. ☺
This bookcase holds my books that are Laura Ingalls Wilder related, by and about her or her daughter, Rose Wilder Lane. Except for the top shelf. That has my books by Louisa May Alcott, Lucy Maud Montgomery, Maud Hart Lovelace and Rebecca LeeAnne Brammer.
I also collect books that are talked about in the Little House books. Pa’s Big Green Book, Millbank, Tennyson’s Poems.
More Laura-related antique books.

And just so you don’t think that I’m totally obsessed with Laura Ingalls Wilder. Here are the rest of my books. A little messy, I know, and I’m constantly rearranging them. I have history, historical fiction, biographies and autobiographies, Michigan books and James Herriott books. And a few others.

I just bought this not long ago. Never really needed one before. Then I got old and forgetful. Yes, that is another set of Little House books behind the dictionary. That’s my desk set. ☺

Last and most importantly. I have been reading this more through Lent. As I should be. It sits on my desk.

I admit there are more books packed away here and there. I love to read and have only recently had the time to actually do it again. Books…one of my favorite things!

7 thoughts on “B-ooks

  1. Hm, your bookcases look a lot like mine. 😉 I just discovered a few Maud Hart Lovelace books I don't own yet! I already updated my Amazon and swap-bot profiles expressing my horror.

  2. I love historical fiction but haven't read any in a long time. Seems I read more how-to books these days — farming, gardening, farm animals, you name it. 🙂

  3. I'm visiting from the A to Z Challenge. Checking around your blog I am sure you would love my book Farm Girl. Altho I'm not here to promote myself or book, but to meet new bloggers!New follower, also in love with books, nice to meet you!KarenG

  4. What a beautiful and well presented array of books – these pictures, in your post, are delicious and very inviting. You obviously take great pride in your collection.I found your site via the "list" at Tossing it Out – the host site of this A-Z challenge.Jenny

  5. I am absolutely pea green with envy at your LIW collection. I have lots of books and they are my favorite things too, but my LIW collection is sadly lacking even tho she is my all time favorite.

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