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Blame it on my brother…

The other day as I started writing about music and memories, what else could happen?
It brought back a few memories.

Here I share, not only a particular memory, but also my strange ability to know who sings what song that happened to be popular back in the ’70’s. This, by the way, is taking up much needed memory space in my brain. I can’t remember something that someone told me yesterday, but darn it, I can remember when a Tom Petty song comes on right in the first few notes.

When we were in our teens and started hanging out together more, my brother and I discovered that we both liked the same music. This was back in the ’70’s when what we consider now to be classic rock was not classic…yet. And my brother and I would quiz each other on who could guess the artist/band/song that was playing on the radio. I think we were both pretty good at it, but I may have to admit that he was a little better than I. After all, he is older than me. ☺

Anyhow, this strange habit of mine never seems to have gone away. I’ve tried playing this guessing game with my husband. A song starts playing and I say, “Quick! Who is this?!” And he says (always), “I don’t know.” And quite often he doesn’t. He doesn’t really care. If he likes a song, he enjoys it and he doesn’t concern himself with who is singing it.

But then my kids got old enough to torture quiz. I would often bribe them, “A buck to whoever can guess who this is!”
Then, my son reached an age where he actually started listening to classic rock and he knew the answers and the game started costing me money. So, I quit offering the monetary reward, but I still ask. Jon usually knows and sometimes he’ll play along, but other times it annoys him and he won’t play. Sometimes he is quite the stick in the mud. Jamie, on the other hand, will usually venture a guess. It’s rarely right, but she tries. She’s just never been a listener of classic rock. I won’t embarrass her with some of the guesses she’s made, but seriously, everyone should know The Beatles!

I blame this strange habit on my brother. After all…he started it!

5 thoughts on “Blame it on my brother…

  1. Ha, Ha, I agree… EVERYONE should know the Beatles! My husband and I argue over who sings what songs… it's like, "Oh, it's so and so…" and I say, "No it isn't, it's…" Usually, I'm right! By the way, I like your sweet Holly Hobbie drawings on here, I always liked Holly Hobby.

  2. Oh, and I love the Little House on the Prarie books also. I discovered them when I was in 3rd grade and devoured everyone as fast as I could. I think Laura's family lived up your way at one time, didn't they? Or was it Minnesota? They also lived in Missouri and the next time I visit my brother, we will go see her place–Mansfield, MO. My brother has already visited there. Have a good day! Hope spring is happening up your way!

  3. I'm not good at knowing the name of the bands. I usually remember the name of the song though. The photo is cute.

  4. I've had a feeling for a time that one of my guy friends thinks of me like the song "American Girl" but I don't know if that's good or bad.I'm way more into Contemporary Christian than classic rock or in the words of DCtalk "I luv rap music"Concert time in my part of the townYa know, I brought my mom cause I knew she was downShe was flat groovin', but couldn't understandHow they makin' music when there ain't no bandAnd then she cried, "James," everybody staredShe heard a James Brown sample and thought he was thereShe got home, shook her head and said,"Kids these years"But then again, we think the Beatles were weird

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