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And the winner is…

I absolutely loved doing this giveaway! It was so much fun sharing the story of our maple syrup and giving others the chance to let us share the actual maple syrup! At the same time, I hated doing this giveaway…I wanted everyone to win. 😦 And that just isn’t possible…

Okay, while I didn’t actually throw the names into a hat, I did have this beautiful jar that my daughter made for me a few years ago as part of my Christmas present. Perfect for throwing names into!

And here are the names all waiting to be drawn. I recycled paper from my “printer mistake” pile. I very carefully kept track of who commented and whether they were a follower and if they shared news of the giveaway.

I interrupted Jim’s breakfast so that he could draw the winners. See? There’s his glass of orange juice there on the very left.

Sarah! Congratulations Sarah! I was actually able to meet Sarah at LauraPalooza last summer.

She’s a very nice gal and I’m happy to share our maple syrup with her. Sarah, contact me with your info and I’ll get this sent right out to you. 🙂
 Hold on there a minute! 
Why is Jim drawing another name out of the jar?

As it turns out, I had this cute little half-pint ☺ jug that just needed to travel to another winner! You guys just don’t know how badly I wish I had one for everyone!

But the little half-pint travels to Kansas! Congratulations, Susan, contact me with your info and I’ll get your little taste of syrup out to you.
I had so much fun that I think I will do other giveaways on occasion. Not always maple syrup, mind you, but I’ll come up with something. And, who knows, stick around and next year I’ll probably do this again!

6 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. Well congratulations to both winners, you will love this Maple syrup. (I have had it before it is great) And thanks, Laura for sharing the story,Love you and the blog!

  2. Dear Laura,Hello from Maine! I found your blog through Teri's blog…and I couldn't resist…perhaps because we share the same name! We haven't had much luck with sap as of yet…because of all this crazy winter weather! There certainly is nothing like pure maple syrup! Just wanted to say "hello" and to tell you that you have a lovely blog…I will be back!Blessings,Laura

  3. Dear Laura…so nice of you to visit my "little space"…thank you for your sweet words! I look forward to reading all that you have shared here! Such a "sweet" giveaway! Hope that your weekend is a lovely one! Simple Blessings ♥ Teri

  4. Ah am sooooo excited!!!! wooohoooo! My hubby and I both just got home from work and he saw your comment on my blog first and hollered at me from the living room…. "you won some maple syrup??!!!" SUH-WEET!!! Can't wait to get my sticky lil fingers on it and taste its wonderful homemade sweetness. Thanks so much!

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