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The birthday boy…part two

So…usually I give my kids (since they were little kids) a choice for their birthday – dinner out (they choose the restaurant) or dinner in (their choice). They usually choose dinner out.
Hmmm…should I be offended?
This year, when I asked Jon what he wanted to do for his birthday, he chose to go to Texas Roadhouse, which seems to be a favorite of his. Actually, we like it too. When Jon told his dad that they give you unlimited warm rolls with a honey butter, Jim was sold. Two favorite things of Jim’s: rolls and honey. When Brittany gave us a gift card for Christmas, we were able to experience those rolls. Well, mostly Jim…but he did share a couple with me. 🙂
But I’m getting off subject here. It happens.
The night Jon chose to go to dinner was not his actual birthday night, so I told him that if he wasn’t doing anything on his birthday he could come for dinner. He told me that he would if I made my macaroni and cheese. Deal! His sister asked him what kind of dessert he would like. A very chocolaty chocolate cake. Done! He and Brittany came over and we had dinner, cake and ice cream and celebrated his birthday.
Somehow he was getting two birthday celebrations out of us. 
We didn’t mind in the least. We don’t see him and Brittany nearly enough!
We ended up going to Texas Roadhouse last Thursday. I don’t know about the rest of the crew, but I ate a small breakfast and then saved up the rest of the day so that I could enjoy dinner. I was hungry!
Jim and I, along with Jamie and Brittany, drove down to meet Jon at the closest Texas Roadhouse which happens to be near where he works. It was pretty crowded (I should have called ahead, I guess), but they gave us one of those blinky light things and we sat and waited. And Jim ate peanuts. Have you ever been to Texas Roadhouse? They have buckets of peanuts on the long benches where you wait and also on each table. Jim was hungry. I think he ate quite a few peanuts.
Then our little blinky light thing started blinking. We followed the gal through the restaurant until she stopped, stood there a second, and turned around and told us to hold on a minute, our table wasn’t ready yet, and she left. So, we stood in the middle of the restaurant and waited until she came back and asked us to follow her back to the front of the restaurant since our table wasn’t ready yet. So we did. And we stood off to the side waiting. They didn’t give us one of they blinky light things so we didn’t want to sit back down in the waiting area for fear they’d forget about us. And we waited.
Finally, we were taken back again to a booth for four with a chair pulled up to the end. It was a little tight, but we’re actually pretty easy going so we can deal. We had a nice waiter and he took our drink order, then came back and asked us if we had been told that we would get a free appetizer for our troubles.
We forgave them!
They actually gave us two onion blossoms, which we really enjoyed. Did I mention that we were hungry?
The guys ordered burgers. Jon’s was loaded with stuff and Jim’s was loaded with…well he had a bacon cheeseburger, but he doesn’t like condiments, only lettuce and onion. And cheese.
The girls had chicken fritters. Or critters? Can’t remember exactly what it was called. It’s funny how they both like honey mustard dipping sauce and then both dip their fries in the honey dipping sauce!
Me? I got smothered chicken. Yum! It’s a grilled chicken breast (healthy, yes?) with onions and mushrooms. I love onions and mushrooms. It wasn’t exactly smothered because they put the gravy on the side, for which I am grateful. I could experience just enough of its goodness, but not too much. That way I didn’t feel too guilty (especially after gobbling those onion blossoms). It came with two sides so I got Caesar Salad (very good) and a spicy rice (yum). And I ate almost the whole thing.
We were all very full.
I didn’t take pictures till we were done eating. So, if we look slightly out of sorts, it’s because, like I said, we were all very full.
It was a good night. Any night with family is a good night.
The only bad part was that we were too stuffed to come back home and have hot fudge brownie sundaes. Jon requested them. Another time…another way to get them kids to come visit! ☺

The handsome birthday boy with his lovely girlfriend!

Beautiful daughter!

By the way, that daughter there? She has a new blog. She’s very talented so I think she’ll have a great story to tell. Check her out at  From My Classroom Window

Handsome hunk of a husband. He’s looking a little snarky here…what’s up?

I don’t like pictures that I’m in, but have found, since my mom passed away, that I sometimes find comfort in looking at photos of her. So, I’ve been trying to allow things like this ↑ to happen more often…

3 thoughts on “The birthday boy…part two

  1. Do they still have a lot of young ladies hanging out at the entrance to escort you to your table carrying those warm rolls? One of the single docs in our building used to go just to visit them. That restaurant is only open for dinner and is crowded. Haven't been there in a couple of years and that chicken dish you had is good.

  2. We don't have one of those for miles..about 90 to be exact. I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing..I would love me a blooming onion! Happy Birthday to your son! It sounds like maybe his Mama spoils him just a tad:)

  3. I am a new follower. I, too, am from Mi. but transplanted in N.C. Never have seen a Texas Roadhouse. Logan's… love snacking on the peanuts. I do love the Outback's Blooming Onion so I'm sure I would be a fan. It was a Birthday tradition in our family to pick your dinner, as well. Good Times.

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