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My Laura (Ingalls Wilder). I can find her everywhere!

Jim and I stopped at the maple syrup supply store on our way home from the convention last Wednesday. They have everything you need for your maple syrup operation. Jim had to pick up some things that he needed and while we were waiting, I decided to browse through the maple syrup cookbooks. Over the past few years, I have learned to use maple syrup in my cooking. It’s not just for pancakes!
I decided to buy a cookbook so that I could expand my maple syrup cooking expertise.
This was the first cookbook that I picked up. I decided to take a look.

I let it fall open in my hands so that I could page through it. Do you see the page it fell open to?

Take a look! Do you see it now?

Okay can you see it now?
I just had to buy this cookbook. Something told me that it was THE one! ☺
I showed it to Jim and he said that I just had to get it. He knows me!

It’s true. Laura Ingalls Wilder fans can find connections everywhere, whether it’s as obvious as the one I found or not so obvious like the ones where your family rolls their eyes… 

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