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Happy Birthday, my boy!

Twenty-two years ago today, I gave birth to the sweetest little baby boy. He has been a joy to us from the first day he came into our lives. He is truly a gift from God (which is exactly what the meaning of his name is), as we weren’t sure if we would be blessed with any more children. We are so proud of who he is, what he has accomplished, and looking forward to what is to come.

Happy Birthday, Jon! We love you!

I though I’d share pictures of Jon, through the years, with some of his favorite people……

Me and my boy. This is the first time I held him. Love……

My favorite……22 years of sibling pictures and this remains my favorite.
Jon – 5 days old, Jamie – 8 years old

Okay, Ginger isn’t a person, but he was a really good friend to Jon for many years. They both grew tired and fell asleep climbing into bed.

Jon and his lifelong buddy, Branden. Yes, they were VERY often this dirty!

Three generations in the business. Jon with his daddy-o and his Pa.

I’d have to say that this is Jon’s very favorite person! Brittany. We love her too! ☺

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, my boy!

  1. Happy, happy birthday to sweet Jon :)I love looking at photos and these all collaboratively represent a life filled with love and happiness 🙂

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