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The tie that binds…

We are in an industry that really encompasses our entire family. Really, it’s that way with most water well drillers. When your spouse works in the water well industry, you are automatically a part of it, as are your children. Also, quite often a set of parents and maybe even grandparents are usually still involved in one way or another since many businesses are second or third (or more) generation operations. In our case, my father-in-law began this business over 60 years ago and was involved in it for the rest of his life. My husband bought the business when he was in his 20’s, but had worked with his dad since he was a young boy. Our children have both worked with their dad and grandfather. Even though it looks like the business will end with us since our kids have chosen other professions, they are still involved in one way or another. That’s just the way it is.

I learned, very quickly, just how much a part of our lives this water well industry would become and how much we would give up, as a family. There have been many times when we have had to change our plans or at least delay them. When a customer is without water, they realize just how much they really need it. It really doesn’t bother us (most of the time☺). I’ve learned to try to put myself into someone else’s shoes. And we really do have some really great customers. We know that we are appreciated. We’ve learned to be creative, figuring out how we could incorporate family and business together. For example, bringing the kids (when they were younger) along and making a weekend trip out of going to see a piece of equipment we were thinking of buying. We could always find something fun and interesting to do!

Over the years I have learned to appreciate many other things also…Like how vital a resource water is (I grew up in the city!), how difficult it is to help run a business, how demanding this job is – both mentally and physically. After 25 years, it still never ceases to amaze me when I go on a job with my husband and realize just how hard he works every day. And I’ve learned to adapt. Sometimes I have to change my own plans when I need to help Jim, or simply run something to him or pick him up. I’ve learned to love spur of the moment day trips, taken on an unexpected cold rainy day when a non-urgent outside job can wait another day.

I love working with my husband as a business partner, whether I go out on a job with him (it does happen) or whether I’m home doing office work.

I’ve also learned of the camaraderie that water well drillers (and their families) share.

Our convention was Monday and Tuesday of this past week. In the last couple of years, since the younger of our children graduated, we became more involved in our industry at a different level which has enabled both of us to get to know other water well drilling families from all over the state. I am involved in the auxiliary, which is in place to promote and support our spouses in the water well drilling industry. I say spouses because it is open to husbands and wives of drillers, although at this time we are a wonderful group of wives only. We may be from different backgrounds. Our husbands may own their own business or work for another. We may have a small business or employ many people. We may work with our husband, work in their office, or have jobs outside the business. We are all different, but come together for one reason.

We come together to support our husbands’ industry. To help in whatever way that we can.

I love these women of the auxiliary. We all have a common bond. We know what it’s like. We get it…


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