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Random thoughts on a Saturday morning

  • I am so so sad for the people of Japan. I have no words…
  • Charlie Sheen is coming to Detroit. I find nothing funny about the situation. He needs help. I’m so incredibly sad for him, for his family. I pray that he can be helped before it’s too late. Obviously many others don’t share my opinion. I just heard that there’s a line-up, waiting for tickets to go on sale.
  • Phone just rang. A woman is looking for someone who happens to be in the same business as we are. We are obviously not that person, since we don’t share the same name. Claims she can’t find his number. I open the phone book and give her the number, which was incredibly easy to find. She then asks if that is his business or home number. I found it under the business listing. I was nice, but…Seriously?
  • Jim and I leave tomorrow for a couple of days for our convention. We are on the convention planning committee. We will be pretty busy. Last night, we both started coming down with something. Cold, flu, sinus infection? Not sure. Not the best of timing.
  • It snowed Thursday night into Friday morning. Again. *sigh*
  • I want to curl up in bed with a good book. I have to do laundry and pack though.
  • When I find myself in a complaining mood, I always stop and remind myself that I am so very blessed. And I am.

I hate pictures of me…but here I am at a Laura Ingalls Wilder exhibit in Dearborn, MI. It was only an hour away from our home and I was able to go TWICE!

2 thoughts on “Random thoughts on a Saturday morning

  1. When I am constantly reminded of what is happening in Japan, I think I'll never complain again. But I will. It'll pass, it always does. I hate pictures of me too. I think, "who is that woman!" LOL! Things change. Enjoy your convention and I hope you don't have to do it feeling ill.Deb

  2. I dislike most photos of me too. Must be a woman thing. lol Sure hope you start feeling better soon. Enjoy your convention and BE SAFE!

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