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Book Summary – The Year of Sacrifice

So…quite some time ago I said that I was going to write posts about the books that I read this year. Lofty goals! I am a little behind in my reading and posting. But here it is – my first book report of the year: 🙂

The first book that I read this year is The Year of Sacrifice by Rebecca LeeAnne Brammer, a very talented new author. It is the second in her Newcombe Creek Chronicles. The first book is called The Year of Plenty, which introduced us to little Odella Fraley and her family. It came out last year and I read it right away. I was so taken with it that I had been waiting anxiously all year for volume two. I was not disappointed.

I love them both!

The Year of Plenty follows sweet little Odella, age 6, and her family right before the start of the Great Depression. You are welcomed into the life of the Fraley family as if you are great friends. The close-knit family with their great abiding faith draws you in. Things are going well for the Fraleys at this time, but you get a sense, by the close of the book, of what is to come.

The Year of Sacrifice picks up where The Year of Plenty left off. The Fraley family lives and works on their farm in Eastern Kentucky. We share in the experience of the early part of the Great Depression with Odella and her family. Sadly, while the whole country is experiencing the hardships of the time, the Fraley family seems to be suffering so much more than its share of tragedy, sadness, and hard times. Through it all, the love that the family shares and their unshakable faith keeps them strong. They are able to see the blessings through the tragedies. A remarkable feat, don’t you think?

What draws me in? The characters, the love that the Fraley family shares, even in tough times as is evident in this second book of the series. Their ability to make something simple into a really special event. I wait, anxiously, for the next chapter because I want to know what happens next. I need to know that the Fraley family will persevere!

The charm of this book brings to mind The Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. With the era being the depression, it makes you think of Spencer’s Mountain (The Walton’s). There’s such a quaint simplicity contained within these pages. It takes you back to a time that I think we all long for more often than we sometimes realize. Well…minus the depression, although I believe that shaped those children into who they became in one way or another.

Rebecca Brammer has a gift for drawing you into the story. You feel as if you are a part of the family. You share in their triumphs and also mourn with them during their hardships. It is a wonderful way to learn about family life during the depression-era. There is something so down-to-earth that is lost in today’s world. I thank Rebecca for sharing and keeping these stories alive so that future generations can learn about a simpler and perhaps more faith-filled time. Something that everyone should be reminded of…

Visit the author’s website http://www.frontiergirlpress.com/


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