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Did you hear me the other day?

If you follow me on facebook or twitter you did! I facebooked and tweeted about the five (count ’em) bluebirds who visited our yard the other day.

We’ve lived here almost 20 years and have only had bluebirds nest one summer despite the special bluebird houses that we made and installed. From what I’ve read they like wider open spaces and we have many trees. So while they stop here, usually once in the early spring and usually during bad weather, they are on their way to a more suitable home. Yes, for several years now, we have seen one or two (usually) bluebirds visiting our suet feeder for just a few minutes.

And then we don’t see them again. Till next year.

Jim happened to notice them late last week while he was at the kitchen sink. I ran to get the camera and he took pictures. They turned out better than the ones I’d have taken through the window screen. Jim is an inch or ten taller than me. He could take them through the upper part of the window.

I kept counting them. “Two at the feeder and three in the tree!” “One at the feeder, one on the ground, two on the wire!” You get the picture. It doesn’t take much to thrill me. Jim’s used to such outbursts by now. I’m a simple gal. I get excited by bluebirds in the yard, as opposed to a Coach purse (of which I own zero and not ashamed to admit it!).

So, compliments of Jim’s picture-takin’ skills – Our quick bluebird visit…

And then they flew away and we haven’t seen them since. It happens this way every year…


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