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My feathered friends and one not so feathered

The bird feeder has always been outside the dining room window and in the front yard, because that’s where I always used to spend a great deal of time. Not eating, even if that’s the first thought that popped into your mind, but doing our business bookwork. I didn’t have a large desk to spread my books out, so I spread everything out on the dining room table when I had work to do.
After we found ourselves with an empty bedroom, my husband and son went out one night, right before my birthday that year, and came back with a large u-shaped desk and computer. Wow! Great birthday! Finally my own space!

I do miss letting my mind wander and gazing out the window to watch my bird friends. I still enjoy watching them at mealtimes though and sometimes just sit to see what’s happening when there’s a flurry of activity, as is often the case after a big snowfall like we had a few days ago. My bird feeders are always more popular then. After the last one, I perched my own self right by my big dining room window to see if I could do some bird watching.

I love a new snow when the animal prints are still fresh. The birds were out looking for breakfast first thing!

Some birds love the bird feeder and some are ground feeders. This little Junco seems to do both.

The Downy Woodpeckers love the suet feeders. That’s why we have two. Yes, they both needed refills.

Chickadee waiting its turn at the feeder…

…Because the beautiful Cardinals aren’t very good about sharing the feeder. Although you see others with Mrs. Cardinal here, they didn’t get to stay long.

And then Mr. Cardinal took his turn.

But they all flew away when the dreaded black bird dog visited the feeder! 🙂

4 thoughts on “My feathered friends and one not so feathered

  1. We have a dreaded "Aussie" that visits ours. He's so bored that scaring the birds out of the yard has become a regular part of his routine when he does get to to out. Good pics!

  2. I often wish I had a window where I work..or blog…too. I've just found you through my friend Misha's blog! I have always loved Laura Ingalls Wilder too. : )~Andrea~

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