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My happy place

I was just remembering that yesterday when the nurse anesthetist was just going to give me the sedation to send me on my little sleep during my colonoscopy she asked, “Where will you go? Where’s your happy place?”

My happy place has always been a field of daisies. I don’t think I’m weird. I love daisies. I love wildflowers. That’s where I like to go when I need a happy place.

So I have no idea why, when she asked me that question, I answered, “To the beach. Someplace warm.”

Don’t get me wrong. It was darn cold yesterday morning! It’s just that the beach was never my place to go when I needed to be safe.

But it would have been my mom’s…

2 thoughts on “My happy place

  1. and that why you said it, because it was your Mama, holding your hand :)The beach IS a happy place…although my happy place is in the an open meadow in the snow with trees around in a horse pulled sleigh with bells slightly ringing and harness tinkling…sort of like when Almanzo took Laura to her school teaching job…remember?! :0)

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