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Don’t be embarrassed

No pictures to share with this post. Although I could have gotten one. 🙂

This morning I had a colonoscopy. It was mostly routine. I have some issues, plus my age (50), which made my doctor decide that I should have one, just to err on the side of caution.

I wasn’t going to announce it to the world. Then I decided that I needed to share. This is something that everyone should have and many need to have. Obviously the whole thing is a little embarrassing. The prep (the night before) is not fun. The only thing that got me through drinking that whole jug of NuLytely was that I wouldn’t need to do it again for ten years.

This morning we arrived at the hospital just before 6:45am and were quickly checked in and sent to outpatient surgery. While I know that they have to do everything that they do, it just seems like such a big to-do for a routine test. I haven’t gone through menopause or had a hysterectomy or my tubes tied so I had to have a pregnancy test. Isn’t that a hoot? Then they had to draw a blood sample. They had to hook me to monitors, because they were sedating me. And because they were sedating me I needed an IV. All for a routine medical test which I knew (because I had one several years ago) would tell them that I have hemorrhoids.

So, they sedated me and I drifted right off. At times I could hear them talking and I felt minimal cramping. The next thing I knew I was awake and only slightly groggy. They wheeled my gurney from the procedure area to the recovery area, gave me some juice, made sure my vitals were stable, unhooked me from everything I was hooked to, let me get dressed and sent me on my way! Simple as that.

Oh, and the doctor came to tell me that they removed a large polyp. He wasn’t too concerned, but they were sending it for biopsy and would have the results in a few days. Even though it was routine, he was very glad that I had had it done.

Oh yeah…That thing about getting through the prep only because I wouldn’t have to have a colonoscopy for ten years?

Because of that polyp I have to go back in in a year. Drat!

Seriously, I’m sharing this because I know there are so many people who don’t have their routine colonoscopies because of the prep, the discomfort, the embarrassment. It really isn’t that bad. The peace of mind is worth it all. And it’s really great to have a doctor that you like. The first time that I went through this the doctor was…well he just wasn’t that nice. That’s important! The doctor and staff at this hospital were all super nice. That does help to make the experience that much easier to go through.

I’m not really worried about the polyp but, gosh, I wouldn’t refuse a prayer or two thrown my way! 🙂

Jim has to have one of these soon. I worry more about him. This cancer (and others) run in his family…

*I started writing this when I got home this morning then decided I was groggy and took a nap. I am soo glad that I didn’t publish it right away. 😀 There were more than the usual errors and some things were not quite phrased correctly. –Believe them when they tell you not to drive or operate heavy equipment for the rest of the day!


One thought on “Don’t be embarrassed

  1. Good for you having a colonoscopy. My husband recently had colon resection surgery because he had a large, flat polyp that could not be removed during the colonoscopy. Plus, it was a adenoma which could become cancer so it had to come out. The doctor called him a polyp factory because he removed a lot of polyps last year, and this year too! As far as the prep..our doctor uses a prep with Ducolax, Miralax and Gatorade. Works great and much easier to down. You may want to check on that for next year! Have a good day!

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