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A snowy day

Well…last week was just a tease. A cruel joke on us. Father Winter played a little trick on us. He pretended to be spring for a few days just to lull us into a false sense of spring-ness. Until yesterday afternoon. Father Winter came back for a visit. Let’s hope it’s a short stay!
I actually enjoyed this snowstorm a bit. There was no school today in the area, so I knew Jamie wouldn’t be working anyhow. Jon is up north, enjoying a long anticipated, long weekend. I didn’t have to worry about either one having to drive those roads early in the morning. So, here’s what our today looked like…
This is the tree that I see whenever I look out my office window. I love when she’s sporting her winter gown. Even more…I love when the little wrens come, in the spring, to build their nests in her branches. I love to leave my bedroom window open all night just to be able wake up to their lovely singing.
These trees line the east edge of our property, pretty much all the way up the driveway and out back to where our business resides.
There’s our little duck house, turned doghouse. Someday to be chicken coop. Nope. I have not given up that chicken dream yet.

Lining our driveway. Lovely.

This is out where our little woods begins.
Some people love to show off pictures of their kids or grandkids. Not me. My kids are all grown up. No grandchildren. Yet. So…enjoy my dogs.

One of Duke’s favorite things. Snow! He’s in the minority here.

Except for Sosha. She loves it too.  Now it wasn’t always that way. She’s a southern belle.  Never experienced snow till her mama started bringing her up for visits. She’s grown to love it!
Our house. My husband grew up here. Someday I’ll tell it’s little story.

Jim wanted to grill burgers yesterday. There was no snow on the ground and it had just begun to snow while he was grilling.

Speaking of Jim…coming back after plowing our driveway, the neighbors, his mom’s, and a few others who may have needed it. He wasn’t able to enjoy a snow day. It was actually a busy day for him.

3 thoughts on “A snowy day

  1. It does seem like a cruel trick to play!We enjoyed some warm weather here in central Illinois, and so far, even though the temps have fallen back to Feb depths, we haven't gotten the predicted snow showers. But we aren't out of the woods yet. I too love my dog! Looking forward to hearing about the house. You have many lovely evergreens around you!

  2. Your trees look gorgeous all dressed for the day 🙂 and your sweetie dogs playing in the snow! You have a lovely property Laura!

  3. Yeah, I was really hoping we had seen the last of the snow and Spring was on its way! Silly me! This is Michigan and it's only February! I don't know where you are but where I am (Canton) we got more snow than the last time!

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