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Oh, it’s that day?

Yes, I can remember the first Valentine’s Day that Jim and I were together.

I can remember that I made him chocolate chunk cookies from a big Hershey Kiss that he had given me for Christmas. Money was tight. I was a single mom with a little girl, living with my parents, working full-time at a minimum wage job and doing my best to get my bills paid and trying to get us out on our own. I was looking for something special that didn’t cost much. By that point in our relationship, I knew that he would love cookies more than anything I could have bought for him. And I broke up that big kiss by hand with a butter knife. It took forever! 🙂 That was a labor of love!

Since then, I’ve discovered that Jim really doesn’t go all out for these kinds of days…meaning Valentine’s or Sweetest Day (even though we set our wedding date for Sweetest Day without realizing it). I mean, I’m sure that we celebrated them while we were dating. And don’t, for a minute, think that he’s lazy or not romantic and don’t think that it didn’t bother me…at first. I have since come to accept that he just feels that he doesn’t need a special day to show me that he loves me. He’s always gotten me flowers when I least expect them. And that is something that I love!

So, we recognize the day in a simple way and whisper sweet nothings to each other. And that, my dear, is that!

Except for this year.

Last week, we stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts and I noticed that they would have something special to celebrate today. I said to Jim, “Next Monday I want a heart shaped donut.”

So, you see, he is romantic and he does love me!

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