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View from my front window

I haven’t ventured out of the house today. Hey! It’s cold and snowy and blowy! I’m not goin’ out there.

We didn’t get as much snow as was predicted, but we got a fair amount. We’re not snowed in and we do live on a main road so life goes on.
It is snowing again so we may just get a couple more inches.

I did take pictures from our dining room window.

Enjoy! That is, unless you’re absolutely sick of looking at everyone’s snow pictures. Which you probably are. In that case, enjoy my snow pictures.. 🙂

The dogs go on the front porch and then Duke comes onto the
ledge behind the bushes and bangs on the window to come in.
“For the love of all that’s holy! Pleeease let us in!”

Looking at our road. Snow covered, but not snowed in.

Jim plows our yard and then makes the rounds.

“Please! I just want to come in. I need a nap!”
Duke is becoming like a cat. He sleeps about 23 hours a day.

Love my birds. Love my birdfeeder.
Jim made it for me for Christmas a couple of years ago.

HaHa! Sosha has a snow beard!

Okay! I’m coming.
Poor little guy!

One thought on “View from my front window

  1. Who could ignore those little faces! I like looking at other people's snow; I get tired of looking at mine. Yours is laid out differently and you have more yard. Later on we can get tired of looking at each others flowers :DStay warm!

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