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Sorry…wrong number!

So…my daughter is a substitute teacher (looking for a full time position, if anyone hears of one!) and, on Tuesday of last week, she had secured a half day job. While she was getting ready, she was called with an opening for the afternoon, which gave her a full day. I had gone back to bed so she left me a note, letting me know that she was working all day. I decided to text her because she hadn’t started her workday yet and I was nosy. I should first mention that her phone went wonky last weekend and, since she depends on it to get sub positions, I lent her my phone and started using my old phone. I should also mention that Jamie lived in Georgia for two years and had changed her cell number to a Georgia area code. She has since changed it back to a Michigan area code.

Here’s my texting conversation with “Jamie”:

Simply a nosy question from Mom.
 I’m allowed this privilege so don’t get all down on me!

Her reply, which confused me.
 I know that she was having a few problems with my phone
 so maybe the text got cut off.
Maybe she had suddenly decided to ask:
“Who discovered electricity?”
but the text was cut off before she finished.

So here’s my reply.

And again, that funky “cut off” text.
Yes, my mind is sometimes slow to figure things out!
I thought of answering that, while Ben Franklin
is said to be the father of electricity, there
are arguments that try to prove otherwise.
But I didn’t.

I replied with this! I am usually one of those texters
who has to use correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
However, this is an old phone and it is harder to text.
Lazy texting is what I’m doing here.

In the meantime, I realized that I was texting her old
Georgia phone number, which was still in this phone’s
address book. So, I totally “got” the above text! Go me!

I was so embarrassed.
I decided to apologize and move on.

But my new friend wasn’t ready to move on, and was, in fact,
a little curious now. And to correct his text – I’m sure
he meant *or not *of.

I thought that maybe it wasn’t a good idea to form a new
friendship by accidental text. I thought maybe this would
put an end to his curiosity.

It didn’t.
I decided not to reply even though he politely
called me “ma’am”.

A few minutes later, I received this text.

I felt bad then. So, okay, I’m sure letting him know
exactly how old I am should put an end to it!

It did. Still, he seemed polite till the end.


One thought on “Sorry…wrong number!

  1. I just stumbled across your blog and this whole conversation had me in stitches. I have 2 girls in two different states and we text or talk alot on Verizon. I hope you won't mind if I follow!Deb

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