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Goals not Resolutions

That’s what I began doing a few years ago. I make goals for the year instead of new year’s resolutions. I find that, if I make a resolution, I’m just setting myself up for a let down. If I make a list of goals, then I’m working towards something unlike a resolution where I’m looking for an immediate solution to something that I’m trying to fix.

So, I made my 2011 goals.

• Get routines in place. (I thrive on routines. I just want to make sure that I’m getting my daily jobs done.)
• Get dressed, make-up & hair fixed every day. (I feel better about myself when I fix my hair and just put a little make-up on, even if I’m not even leaving the house.)
• Keep caught up on business work. (I tend to put some things off, just do what I have to. That’s not how I used to be and I need to get back to it!)
• Eat right and walk almost every day. (That one needs no explanation.)
• Be on time with birthday cards, etc. (I tend to be late. Don’t know why, but I put it off.)
• Go to church weekly. (We’ve slacked off during the last few months of last year. Need to get back on track. Actually we’ve been going since Christmas. This one should not be difficult).
• Read more. (It’s for me and I tend to put it off. I barely had time to read when my kids were growing up and I got out of the habit. I’m reading more, but I want to read even more.)
• Do more Laura research/develop program. (Laura Ingalls Wilder – I’d love to develop a program that I can present locally. Don’t know if I’m brave enough yet, but I will start working on it. As far as research goes…there’s always more that I can learn!)
• Write every day! (Love to write, find it therapeutic, but keep putting if off. That needs to stop.)

They are simple, do-able goals. Mostly things that I’d just let go over the past few years. It’s more about getting back on track.

I think I can do it!


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