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Simple Sunday

Our Christmas tree 2010.
It’s almost all Little House related, with some of my special ornaments.
This year, I gave the kids their ornaments from growing up.
Last night, I told Jim that I needed the storage boxes back down from the attic so that I can pack everything back up and he said, “Let’s just leave it out for a little while longer.”
He loves the tree this year,
 loves our mix of antiques and some old-fashioned toys that I have on the fireplace mantle.
He doesn’t usually express such feelings.
I’ll leave it up till he’s tired of it…
Those outside lights and decorations?
They’re outta here!
Yesterday was in the 40’s.
Knowing today would be much colder (and it is), Jim wanted to get that job taken care of!
I usually pack away Christmas decorations right after the new year.
When do you take yours down?

One thought on “Simple Sunday

  1. We usually take our decorations down a few days after New Years. I am going to begin that today,but I am going to leave our tree up a little while longer. I am in love with our tree this Year! Our outside lights we will leave up until Spring.

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