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Most everyone that I know has a facebook page. Some hardly ever get on, while others (like me) are on a little too much. I had never planned to do facebook, but for some reason needed to set one up. I think I had gotten an email from something that I was subscribing to. They had set up a facebook page and the only way to view it, of course, is to set one up for yourself. I really didn’t get it so after I activated it I left it be and promptly forgot about it. A month or two later, I received a facebook friend request from my niece so I decided to take a closer look. I had been doing myspace, but it seemed as though everyone was moving over to facebook. It really became an excellent way to easily keep in touch with my family down south and my LIW (Laura Ingalls Wilder) friends.

I quickly found out that facebook has some games. Fun games. Cute games. Did I have time for them? No. But, with everything going on for the past couple of years, it became a great stress reliever. And it was a fun way to interact with the friends and family that I rarely see. I have learned that I have to limit it to one game at a time though, or else I have the potential of wasting waaaay too much time.

A year or so ago, I was playing farmville as were several of my friends and family. I realized that one of the draws for me was that I could set up my little farm and it was the one thing in my life that I had complete control over. Weird? Maybe. But there were so many things that were out of my control.

At some point I needed more neighbors. Those games are always pushing you to invite more friends and you need a certain number of farmville neighbors (or whatever game it may be) to accomplish certain goals. A couple of my friends created facebook pages for their dogs to bring their neighbor count up. I refused. I would not make a facebook page for my dog!

Weeelll…as things progress there came a time when I was only one neighbor short for some goal or to expand the farm. I don’t even remember now. But I caved. I created a page for my dog, Duke. I used his birthday, but made his birth year a few years older. I gave him an old email address that I never use and went about my business. Duke had a few friends (for those others who needed that “one more” farmville neighbor).

I don’t have a ton of facebook friends. Mostly family and LIW friends. After LauraPalooza I became friends with several more people and, when I was in my profile recently, I noticed I was only a couple of friends away from 100. Then a few days later, I had to get into my friends list to find a friend so that I could write on his wall. I noticed I had 97 friends. I was pretty sure I had had 98. No biggie, I thought…but then it started bugging me.

For the record, I usually don’t keep track of the number of friends I have, but I just happened to take note of it and I could have sworn I had 98 friends. Did someone unfriend me? Why? What did I do? It’s amazing (and somewhat disturbing) that this bothered me so much.

I actually looked through my friend list trying to figure out who unfriended me! Couldn’t figure it out.
It still bothered me that I had done something to cause someone to unfriend me, but I put it on the back burner.

A few days later, I was logging into Duke’s facebook page (because, yes, I’m playing another game and needed him for a neighbor) and was told that my (Duke’s) account was deactivated. Upon further investigation I found out that the birth year that I used for him had put him at the age of a high school student. Facebook had sent him emails to verify his high school and he hadn’t responded so they deactivated his page.

I was unfriended by my own dog!!


3 thoughts on “Facebook

  1. Ah Laura, that certainly made me laugh. Had to read about your dog unfriending you to my husband, and he got a chuckle out of that too. 🙂 Believe it or not, my hubby spends more time on FB than I do. I forget to go there, but when I do, I find myself going to all my friends' pages, leaving comments, etc. I don't play the games, but boy, just reading everyone else's page to see what they are up to can take a lot of time!!! Along with my blog, and baking dog biscuits, and gardening, and getting those new keets (did you realize how much they poop??? I am cleaning their cage TWICE a day!!!!! ARGH!!!!)…. and cleaning up behind our new kitty, taking care of the other 3 kitties, and our 3 dogs, and our 3 horses…. well, you get the picture, huh? I seriously run out of time every day. And I'm WORKING the next 7 days!!! Double ARGH!!!!!!Anyways, enough of my rant about not enough time to live. I really just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and voting for Leah. HUGE thanks for that!! :-)Have a wonderful Thursday!

  2. Oh my God! Laura, this post is way too funny. I got directed here by one of your A to Z posts and I am glad I clicked on it. I absolutely am in your boat! I started Facebook to check in on my kids pictures – that was where they were posted. I never got involved in the games, but at one point I decided to temporarily de-activate my account. It was that way for about 3 months. When I decided to activate it again, my daughter sent out a "world wide announcement" (I guessed) that I was back. I am sure you must have gotten the announcement – LOL :-)Anyway, I am not a Facebook person, but my grand-dogs (Meaty and Grimmy) also have a page. I laughed big, big laughs to see you surcome to Duke's page – and then be de-friended by your dog.!! Wow, what a great post.

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