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Back to the nursing home

Short post. I promise. 🙂

Yesterday my mom was moved back to the nursing home. She’s in a room with two other women and they tell us that they hope to move her back to her old room with her one roommate soon.

My sister and I waited for two hours at the nursing home for her. The ambulance was running behind. She was in good spirits, seeing familiar faces even if she was in a different room. She is still very confused.

I didn’t go in today. I feel guilty, but I am exhausted. I have spent several hours each day of the last several days with her. It has been emotionally draining. I needed a break and I am comforted by the fact that the nurse will call either my sister or I if there is any change whatsoever.

My sister and I were totally surprised when our mom’s stuff was brought from her other room. I think there were nine boxes! She has saved every card, salt, pepper and sugar packets, jelly packs to name a few of the miscellaneous odds and ends. Since she will only wear nightgowns that is what we have been getting her for birthday, Christmas, etc. We didn’t realize she has so much. I unpacked a little jar of Avon anti-aging serum. My sister told me that she got it for her, because she asked her for it! Isn’t that a hoot? We unpacked what she needed and what would fit neatly and the rest of it is in my garage for now.

Who knows what will happen next. She was so very tired yesterday when she got all settled in to her bed. She is still weak and her mind is not here in the present. Will her mind come back a little? We don’t know…


2 thoughts on “Back to the nursing home

  1. I've been catching up on your blog. I am so sorry about your Mom! I know this cycle must be so tiring to you and your family. And to add my two cents IV anitbiotics aren't an "extreme" measure. I'm not sure how or where I would draw a line, but it would allow that.Can't wait until Laurapolooza. (Do you think people must think everyone going is named Laura?)

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