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Random things on a Thursday

It is Thursday, right?

I have to think for a minute about that…

It’s been a long week. Physically and emotionally draining.

I’ve been spending a good part of each day at the hospital with my mom. Ups and downs. Good days and bad. Yesterday was bad. She told my sister and I that she wanted us to know that she loves us very much. She seems ready to go…

The doctor is probably sending her back to the nursing home today. She will continue on iv antibiotics and pain meds. The main goal is to keep her comfortable. He advises that we might make the decision not to allow the nursing home to send her back to the hospital. She is suffering and so so worn out…

Her nurse told us that yesterday morning she said to her, “You know what I would like? Sex. That’s what I would like.” The nurse had to have her repeat it because she wasn’t sure she heard right!

Sometimes she is so kind and loving and sweet. Five minutes later she is hitting and swearing (words that we didn’t even know she knew!) and yelling. It’s a good thing that I worked in a nursing home in my younger years so it isn’t a total shock. Difficult when it’s your own mother though.

My house is a wreck. Even when I’m home, I just don’t have any energy for…anything.

That brings me to eating. When I’m eating it’s not what I should be eating. All of the sudden I notice that my clothes are getting tight. How did that happen so quickly??

I’m worried about the next couple of weeks. My brother is set to leave for a week in Texas a few days before Jim and I are set to leave go to LauraPalooza (I am trying to be exciting) a few days before my sister and her husband are set to leave on a charter fishing trip. There will be an overlap of a couple of days when both my sister and I will be away. What do we do? I’m afraid to be away…


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