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The boy.

My son, Jon, just started a new job about a month ago. He’s been very lucky in that respect. He’s held a job since high school and has always worked at least 40 hours a week.

He didn’t really like the boss/owner at this last job, didn’t like the directions things seemed to be headed. His job was secure as long as the business didn’t go under. He decided to get out while he had the chance. And he did have the chance. At the ripe old age of 21, he’s good at what he does and has made some friends and connections that believe in him. He also has some lofty goals and would like to go into business for himself and is even talking about college again. Anyhow, he was able to get into this job with the help of an acquaintance who really believed in him. The man doing the hiring actually told him that he was hesitant to hire him because of his age, but he gave him a chance because he was spoken of so highly.

Jon has been working 11 to 12 hours a day, five days a week, and 4 to 6 or more on Saturday. He seems to like this job. I hear from him less than I used to. Still enough, but less. That’s a good sign, because he likes to call me so that he can vent. It’s been “our thing” since he started his career. If I don’t hear from him every day, then that means things are going well. He’ll call me every few days, just to talk. I like that.

Things are going well.

But the boy is tired! He works those long hours, he has his own house and then there’s that sweet little girlfriend of his. He complains about how tired he is, how he doesn’t feel like cooking and cleaning (I think that’s a hint ;)) and he and his girl have to squeeze time in together between their work schedules and her full load of classes. I told him that I would clean and do some laundry when he can afford me, but he has a friend living with him. Between the two of them, they can handle things.

It seems like every time he stops by lately, we’re headed out. I feel bad and, quite honestly, I miss him. So, last night I texted him. I wanted him to know how proud I am and how I really like his girl (maybe someday she’ll be my daughter-in-law!). And then I told him that he could pick a night and I’d make him a home-cooked meal. Whatever he wants. I thought for sure he’d pick one of my old standbys. But then, I realized that once he developed his own tastes that he was never too thrilled with my cooking. I make simple meals. Jim and Jamie always preferred it that way. So, that’s just the way it was, when he came along. So, nope, he wanted chicken and not just any old chicken. He tried to explain that they sell it, ready to cook, at our grocery store (not really my idea of home-cooked!). I went looking today. I’ve figured out that it was Chicken Cordon Bleu. And, of course, they didn’t have any today. And I was surely not picking today to make something that I’ve never made before. Hopefully, the boy will be happy with the chicken that I’m making, to go with the cheesy potatoes that he asked for, and the garlic rolls (his choice). Then there’s the hot fudge brownie sundae that he requested. Brownies are all baked and looking yummy!

I love that my boy is grown and out on his own. I’ve enjoyed every step of our journey together. I pray that all of his hopes and dreams are realized. He will work hard until he reaches those goals (or changes them, he’s still young). And I love that he still needs his mom, once in a while anyways!


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