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I never win anything…

But I did! I did win!!

In March, my husband and I were in Grand Rapids, MI for a convention. It’s about a three-hour drive from home and on the last day of the convention, Jim had to help with the tear-down. We had decided, ahead of time, to stay that last night and, hopefully, visit the Gerald Ford Museum the next day before we headed home. You see, besides the fact the President Ford hailed from Grand Rapids, MI, he was also an Eagle Scout. As scouters, we were quite interested in learning more about him. Growing up, I was not really interested in politics and my parents (at least my mother) were Democrats, and, well, politics just wasn’t a big topic of discussion in our house. Aside from the situations that arose when he became vice-president and then president, I did not know much about Gerald Ford. He actually lead a very interesting life. Check it out if ever you are in Grand Rapids!

A few days ago, a large envelope came in the mail from the Gerald Ford Museum and it was addressed to me. I assumed that I was now on a mailing list and handed the envelope to Jim to open. “Look at this,” he said, “you won a dvd!” Well, I never win anything so this was a pleasant surprise.
I vaguely remember filling out a form for a drawing, not really thinking much of it because, again, I never win anything! I’m thrilled! I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, but, since I’m laying low with a cold this weekend, maybe tonight’s a good night. My view on politics has changed greatly in the past several years and I am really interested in learning more about the life of Betty Ford!

2 thoughts on “I never win anything…

  1. hi laura,thank you for commenting on my blog. i'm glad you enjoy it! thank you for following it! i love the gadgets that you have on your blog, l the motivation,music and bookshelf! fun! are you enjoying blogging? i know you started blogging about the same time as i did. i love it but i can see that it is a lot easier to get it done in the winter when i can't get outside. i just want to be outside now! i hope that you have a great summer!peggy

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