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And here we are again

I always have things to blog about, but don’t take the time to just do it! So, here’s what’s on my mind today…

Does anyone else see the economy turning around? Here in Michigan…maybe little tinges, but we are also in what is probably the worst county in the state. Our business depends mostly on new construction. There’s been none of that around here. Two summers ago, we were able to keep busy with some nice geo-thermal drilling jobs, last summer people wanted replacement wells. I don’t see any of that happening now. So far, we’re staying afloat, but I really see this next year as our worst (unless something drastic happens). Let’s hope that we can keep this thing going till things turn around.

I have been feeling so much better lately. So much energy. Hooray for Vitamin D!!

With energy come catching up. I have honestly just been doing what needed to be done. I had no more get up and go than that. Well, in the past couple of weeks I have cleaned all but one closet, gotten rid of a lot of stuff in the garage, caught up on some office work that I had been constantly putting aside, and gone to the dentist, the gyn and had my yearly mammo.

With my yearly mammo comes the call I dread, which came in earlier today. They want to take a closer look at my right side. This has happened before and they are always satisfied that it has not changed shape or grown. But, I always have this scary feeling till they tell me exactly that! I go in on Friday for my re-mammo.

My mom’s dementia is getting a little worse. We have noticed that when she confuses something now she doesn’t seem to have the ability to cover it up like she did before. It makes me sad.

I have gone to three “events” having to do with Laura Ingalls Wilder in the last few weeks! First, a presentation given by a “Laura friend” of mine. I’ve seen it before, but it was nice to see her and talk before and afterwards.

The Laura collection that is housed at the Detroit Public Library was recently on loan to another library. I had to go see it again. It was all in glassed-in showcases, but that just meant I could look and read as long as I wanted to. And I did. There were also some things that I hadn’t seen before. Apparently, the archivist hadn’t thought I’d want to see the prints of the original illustrations. Plus, there were three little dolls that are kept in the children’s section that I didn’t know about. Jim took lots of pictures for me!

I had heard about a genealogical society that was having a guest speaker who would be talking about the travels of the Ingalls/Wilder families and how it is possible to trace a pioneer family’s genealogy. He had so many Laura facts wrong. Jim nudged me several times and whispered, “Raise your hand!” I guess I didn’t want to embarass him, plus we were guests at an actual meeting of this group and I didn’t want them to turn on me! I bit my tongue, but I cannot let them pass. If he is giving this same talk to different groups then he needs to be giving the correct information.

I really appreciate that my husband went with me to all three of these. They were each about an hour’s drive away. I could easily have driven to the first one. I don’t mind driving in that area north of us. I was a bit afraid of driving home that far in the dark as I am night blind. The other two are in busy, heavy traffic areas which just throws me into a panic attack. Business is slow and Jim has a little more extra time these days and so he offers to go with me…or is it that he is really interested in the subject matter? 🙂

Okay, I’m going to stop my babbling!


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