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My journey with un-wellness

I feel as if I have never fully recovered from the pneumonia of last November. Oh, I think that once I started recovering I felt so much better that I thought I was better, but I never felt “back”.

My hair had been falling out since December and I assumed that it was part of my recovery process. As it turns out, I believe I have had a Vitamin D deficiency since I started recovering from the pneumonia. I have been researching and reading and I have discovered that my level of 7 is extremely low. I have also discovered that it may take months to bring the level back up.

The past few weeks I have been more exhausted and in more pain than ever before. It was dragging me down. We went to our convention last week and were extremely busy and my hips and legs hurt so much, but I assumed it was all of the “busyness”. Then, at my doctor appointment the day after we came home, I found out about my low vitamin d and feel as if that might explain it. Then, another part of me wonders if it’s just me and I think that the vitamin d “explains it all”.

Is it just me, my weight? Or is the lack of vitamin d? I’d like to think that D is the magical cure and once it’s up my problems will be over.

I do know one thing. I have not felt totally well in many months and I just want to be better.
I know that I am blessed. It could be worse.


One thought on “My journey with un-wellness

  1. I'm so sorry to hear you haven't been doing well. I hope you feel better if they straighten out the vitamin D problem. They are doing great things with vitamins. My Dad was put on some kind of special vitamin B and he's now feeling his feet for the first time in years.

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