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One of those weeks…

Busy last couple of weeks here at the old homestead

On Monday, the 8th, my mom was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia. Again. It was pretty bad for the first couple of days. Her O2 level was in the low 80’s. They wanted to use a CPAP, but she refused. She also refused her breathing treatments until we gave her a stern talkin’ to. Her blood sugar was in the 400’s! and they put her on an insulin drip. Slowly she started improving.

In all of this, we had family coming from down south. My sister, two of her daughters, one son-in-law and nine of her grandchildren (she has 11 going on 12 all together!) were headed up for a long weekend. At least our mom was somewhat better by the end of the week. She had some wonderful visits with them and we also were able to spend time with them all. The other son-in-law even flew in for a day between business trips. With all that goes on, it was so nice to spend time together – all four of us siblings.

The day they all left to go home, Jim and I headed across the state for our convention. Busy. Jim had to help with set up and tear down. The annual meeting is held and there are several educational seminars to attend. I ended up helping with the registration desk and our Ladies’ breakfast. It was a good kind of busy. I enjoyed getting to know some of the other wives. Jim and I will probably only do this for another year. There is talk of combining districts as there are too many directors now (each district has its own director-that’s what Jim is). Jim found that the directors who have been there longer have more to do. For the new ones, like him, there’s not much to do. We’ll see what happens. For the most part, it’s a great group of people in our industry and we do enjoy it.

Yesterday, I had my follow-up appointment with my doctor to get my blood test results. I was thrilled to find out that my cholesterol and blood sugar are at normal levels! What a relief! My iron is a little low and my Vitamin D is very low. He said that around 30 is normal, my level is 7. So, I will be taking an extra iron supplement and he prescribed high dose vitamin D for me to take weekly for a month. I have to go back for a level check and will see him a week after that.

I also went to see my mom on Thursday. She is being difficult, as usual, but it’s different now. She just doesn’t want to be bothered, even though there are those things that need to be done. She argues with the staff and feels she has the right to refuse treatment. That’s why she ended up there in the first place, because she wouldn’t let my sister and I do anything for her. But now she’s still weak and just worn down. Her O2 level is still running low and she’s supposed to be on oxygen (she keeps taking it off). Pneumonia twice this year already. She’s the same but different. This is taking its toll on her. She keeps getting infections, outside of the pneumonia, and I just don’t know how much longer her body can handle it…

So, lots going on and I had to get it out. On paper, so to speak. I’m wondering though about this whole blog thing. I put myself out here, sometimes thinking maybe it’s good reading for others. Sometimes entertaining. It does me good to vent once in a while. But I really don’t think it’s good reading for anyone else. I don’t have much of a following. Maybe I should just journal privately. Something for me to ponder – and, no, I’m not looking for sympathy or someone telling me to keep at it. It’s just another something that I wanted to write about…


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