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I knew it…

 I knew this was going to happen.

I had an appointment on Monday with my primary care doctor. My three month check after my pneumonia. I knew that he was going to do bloodwork. My mother has diabetes and my brother was recently diagnosed. My father’s mother had it too. This doctor has been keeping a close eye on it. He was also concerned about my potassium which was quite low when I was in the hospital. And, since my hair is still falling out, he thought I might have a vitamin deficiency (could be D, B12 or iron).

I had to make a follow-up to go back in two weeks, which I did. They said they would call if I needed to come in sooner, which they didn’t.

They did, however, just call to tell me that the doctor wants me to be certain to keep the next appointment to go over that bloodwork.

Obviously, that means there’s something. Not something urgent, but something.
I just hope it’s something that can be cured with an extra vitamin. But that diabetes thing weighs heavy on me…

You know…that age thing just keeps creeping in on us. Jim needs oral surgery next week. He started having tooth pain yesterday which only got worse today. A tooth he had a root canal on years ago is infected.

Okay, I’m not going to count these maladies that we’ve been experiencing lately, but for Pete’s sake enough is enough!


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