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Monday adventures

* I told of this little adventure on my myspace (back when I did myspace) blog a over a year ago. I had to drive “Big Red” quite a distance today and was thinking of this story. Decided to move it here…

Jim had an emergency well to drill for a store that had no water. So, first thing I had to run a well permit up to the health department. He had to get permission to drill right away, but we still had to file the permit before he could start. So, then we had to move the rig to the jobsite, which was a little party store where he is set up in their parking lot. He has to drill next to the existing well because there’s no other place to drill without having to tear up the parking lot to hook the well up. He had to use cutting torches to cut the pipe off the old well and get rid of the cement post that kept people from hitting the well (with their cars) before he could set up the drill rig. Okay so we’re set up and we can come back so he can drive back out with the water truck. I can start my to-do list…

So, I get a few things done, including my grocery shopping and I’m home unloading groceries when Jim calls wanting me to bring the pick-up out. I hate driving the pick-up. It’s got an extended cab and an eight foot bed. It’s big and I just don’t like driving it. He knows that and offers to call a friend who may be off work by then, but, you know, I’m all he’s got. We have no one working for us right now and I feel like I have to do things even if I don’t like to. Believe me, Jim does a ton of things he doesn’t like to do! So, I drive “Big Red” (that’s what we call this truck) out there and it’s been a while since I’ve had to drive it, but it was so hard to steer all the way there. When I pulled in Jim wanted me to back into place because he needed to shovel mud into the back and I told him it was hard to steer. Well, he looked at the tires and one front tire was almost flat. That’s a big DUH on my part! He put air in the tire and moved it where it needed to be. Usually when Jim drills, he’s in a field or yard, not in a parking lot so he needed to haul the mud away. The temps were dropping fast and he needed to get it out of there before it froze solid. I’m telling you that this mud is so much heavier than “regular mud”! Others who have had to shovel it would agree. Jim had only one shovel on the truck so I couldn’t even help (what little help I could give would be better than none). By the time he was done the back of the truck was pretty much full of mud. We could leave now. It was 7pm, dark and very cold. I started off and found that I couldn’t steer! I called Jim who was a little ahead of me, driving the water truck and he said, “Yeah, you have a heavy load. It’ll be like trying to steer a boat.” Well, I’ve never steered a boat but at least I knew that there wasn’t a mechanical problem and I just couldn’t go over 30 mph or else I couldn’t steer at all. It was a looooong drive home! Luckily most of the heavy traffic was done by then, but of course, people don’t like to follow you when you’re only going 30. I hate people riding my rear! Jim and I try to move our trucks during off peak hours because we always have to travel a little slower. People have no patience! I mean, really, just hold off and your time to pass will come. I can’t go any faster even with you right on my rear.

Okay, so we get to within 5 or so miles of home and there are a couple of cars pulled onto the shoulder with their flashers on. I went to go around them and I spot a dog on the other side of the road lying there, but still moving. I love dogs. I love animals. I started crying. I cried the rest of the way home. When I pulled in and Jim came to my side of the truck because the yard was freezing up and slippery so he came to walk with me to the house (yes, he is a sweet guy), I was sobbing and telling him, “Those people hit a dog and it was still alive and just laying there!” He hadn’t seen the dog when he went by. He must have thought I was losing it! He’s a good guy, he just listens to me…

Well, I was freezing, crying and now it’s hitting 8pm and I didn’t get supper made.

He took Duke (the dog) and me to McDonald’s and we sat by the river and had dinner. That usually helps cure everything…

And, yes, Duke gets a burger too and eats most of my fries and Jim like to get pies sometimes too. So, to avoid me giving Duke most of my pie, he now orders Duke his own pie. Yes, our pup is spoiled and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

And, think of this, if that mud was so heavy as to weigh the back of the truck down so much so that I had a hard time steering then imagine how much mud my husband lifted into that truck! These are the times I really have a renewed appreciation for how hard he works. A well driller is one of the most physically demanding jobs, plus it’s not just physical there’s a lot of “mind work” involved. My husband is quite a guy! And, the perfectionist that he is, the well makes water, but he feels he can do better and he’s working on it today trying to see if he can get a better volume for these people. Hopefully it warms up past the 16 degrees it is now…


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