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He’s missing this…

For awhile, Jim would complain that whenever Jon came home from work he seemed to sneak past the shop so Jim wouldn’t even know he was home. I thought it was because Jon thought he’d be “stuck” helping Dad with some job. It happens to me when I go out to the shop. 🙂 I don’t mind and it’s part of being a business partner. Jon’s young, he minds. Someday, he’ll wish he’d have helped his Dad as much as his Dad helps him. I think that it has started to sink in and shortly before Jon moved to his own house, he wasn’t avoiding Dad so much.
I think that they both miss this…
Jon had been working lots of overtime lately, so it was rare for him to get home while it was still daylight.
And Jim happened to be working right outside the shop.
Look at Duke and Sosha hanging around. They’re always happy to see Jon too!
They’re chatting, mostly Jon is telling Jim about his day. Maybe he’s venting. He once told me that it’s easier to talk to his Dad about work because it would be like me listening to him speak Japanese. I just don’t understand. He’s right. And I don’t mind at all. Jim doesn’t either.
Oops! Jim spotted me taking pictures from our bedroom window. Busted!

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