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I have to see the pulmonologist in about two weeks. I’m figuring that this would wrap things up and I won’t have to go back.

When I saw this doctor in December, he told me that I would need another CT scan and breathing test before I saw him again. Okay.

Well, the office was very busy that day and I was handed my order for the CT scan and was told that I would be called when the scan was set up. No one ever called, so I called today to find out if they ever scheduled it.

I received a call back from the very man who was suppposed to schedule the scan. He told me that I had a CT scan scheduled to Dec. 8! I told him that I had that scan that day, that the doctor told me that I needed another scan before I saw him in February, that I have the order right in front of me.

He has to go look at my chart. He was reading it aloud over the phone and actually read that the doctor wanted me to have a CT scan and breathing test before my appointment! He then told me that I was to come to my next appointment where I would have my breathing test and see the doctor. If the doctor thought I needed another scan, he would schedule one then.

First of all, I’m frustrated that he spoke to me as if I didn’t have the scan in December (when he read through my chart he told me that the scan results were there).
I’m frustrated that he treats me as if I heard wrong, when what he read was that the doctor wanted me to have a CT scan and I have the order for it!
I’m frustrated that, if the doctor still wants me to have another CT scan, I will have to then see him once again afterwards when this should be my last visit with him!
I’m frustrated that this guy forgot and tries to cover his mistake by blaming it on me!
The only good: if the doctor somehow decides that he doesn’t want me to have another CT scan after all, it will save me the money (since our medical insurance deductible starting over again on Jan. 1) that I would have had to pay!

Maybe if I pass my breathing test with flying colors, he will release me from his care!

Now, if I could figure out why my hair is falling out…


One thought on “Frustrated

  1. I had a friend who had a very serious case of pneumonia, they almost lost her, and then after she started getting better her hair fell out… I'll ask her what it was again that caused that… don't worry, it didn't ALL fall out, it just was thin for awhile…

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