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What a way to spend the month of November

This will be short. Maybe I’ll elaborate about my fun month in another post. On November 1st, I started feeling flu symptoms. I spent the following week sometimes feeling better, sometimes feeling worse. Worse won. On November 7th, I was forced talked into going to the ER. I felt horrible, so I finally agreed to go.

There, they told me that you just have to wait out the flu, not much they can do…

Then the doctor came in, listened to me and ordered a chest x-ray.

Double pneumonia. I think I remember him saying that he was very concerned. And that I was being admitted.

Without going into ALL of the details, I spent from late Saturday night until Tuesday evening in the hospital. I shouldn’t have come home Tuesday evening, but I convinced them to let me go. My lungs sounded better and that’s what was most important. For the next several days at home, I felt no better. Then, slowly, slowly I have started to feel better. Not myself yet, but better.

They figure that I started out with H1N1 and eventually ended up with pneumonia. I have never felt so sick in my life. But I’ll be back. I know I’m in here somewhere. I know I will feel more human once I totally get these drugs out of my system. I absolutely hate the “spacey” feeling. I absolutely hate that I have almost zero energy.

But, I’ll be back!


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