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Saturday surprise

My son woke up this morning (he usually works on Saturday but not today) and said, “Wake me up again when you’ve made my macaroni and cheese.” For the record, he was joking. I think.
I said, “Funny. Make your own.”

A little while later he said, “Do you want to go have lunch at Cracker Barrel?”
I said, “I don’t have money to go to lunch today.”
He said, “I’ll pay.”

If you knew my son, you’d just about pass out like I almost did!

How could you pass that offer up?

A few minutes later he said, “Why don’t you call Uncle P. (my brother who just moved up to Michigan) and ask him to come along?”
I said, “Still your treat?”
He replied, “Yep.”

I wondered to myself who had kidnapped my son and who was this look-a-like.

My brother couldn’t pass up a free lunch. So, away we went.

Great lunch (Cracker Barrel has a yummy chicken salad right now) and great conversation.

Great Saturday.


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