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who is calling you?

Okay, so I couldn’t get a real clear picture of my caller id, but…
I place an order through the Laura Ingalls Wilder Memorial Society and they had a question. When my phone rang caller id showed:
How funny is that?
I used to subscribe to St. Anthony’s Messenger and I had let the subscription lapse so they called me. My caller id showed:
What’s funny is that St. Anthony is the patron saint of lost items and I had been searching for something…
For a couple of years I was a member of the Art and Environment committee at our parish. Sometimes someone from church would call and caller id would show:
Sometimes I feel as if someone is trying to tell me something…
So, who is calling you?

One thought on “who is calling you?

  1. NO ONE! Doggone it! :)I wish Jesus or somebody would ;)I wanted to tell you that your love of LIW is the same as mine…I even named my 1st Daughter Katie "GRACE" for baby Grace…LOL!

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